Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare: Wellness Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Gayatri Regester

May 3, 2021



Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare

Wellness Warriors

As healthcare professionals, we give so much to others. For the longevity of our service to others, we must begin to give care also to ourselves. 

From a place of contentment, happiness, even-mindedness, and inspiration, we are more equipped to handle stressful situations without burnout. And when we have faith in something bigger than ourselves, we carry hope even in the most difficult circumstances. 

So how do we feel contentment? Even-mindedness? Happiness? 

For me, it was the spiritual teaching taught by Swami Kriyananda*, “we cannot change our circumstances, but we can change how we respond to them.” The realization that I consciously have the choice to respond positively or negatively to people and circumstances. Whenever I choose to react negatively- say to get upset, hold a grudge, or some other contractive reaction, I do not feel good. On the flip side, when I choose to see compassion in others, not to let a situation rattle my inner peace, or to remain joyful even in difficult circumstances, I have a feeling of lightness. 

The freedom comes from realizing that nothing and no one can affect your inner self-, the Self that is always joyful, always in a state of peace and calmness, always heart opened and filled with love. To live beyond the present moment and into the eternal now. 

Swami Kriyananda explains superconscious living as “to trust one’s life to the flow of a higher wisdom.” I invite each of you to take a vow of superconscious living inwardly. Take action and see how your life is transformed! 

Vow of Superconscious Living 

  • To be true to your higher, Superconscious Self. 
  • To be a channel of light, of blessing and love to all
  • To live in joy, not sorrow;
  • In truth, not error; 
  • In victory, not failure 
  • To blame no one in adversity but yourself, 
  • And then, instead of blame, To accept responsibility, 
  • With God’s help, 
  • To change yourself. 

*Ananda is a worldwide movement to help individuals realize the joy of their own higher Self. Ananda is based on Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings and was founded by his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda in 1968. 

Thank you Wellness Warriors for all you do and are doing. We hope you found this article informational. Stay tuned for more articles from Gayatri.

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