Wellness on the Road: Health Tips for Travel Nurses


By Lori Boggan

September 11, 2021



Wellness on the Road

wellness on the road

There’s nothing like packing the car and hitting the road or boarding a flight to your next adventure. It’s the element of change, enrichment, and unknown common to all of us as travelers.  We seek it, are driven by it.  I applaud every one of you for the true sense of support and community you provide one another.  I love perusing all your photos and reading about your experiences.

Wellness on the Road

Over the next few months, I am excited to offer a little advice and inspiration I like to call Wellness on the Road.”  It’s part food, part mindfulness, and a sprinkle of yoga.  It’s geared toward maintaining balance while on the road.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about stopping at In-N-Out along I-80 in Northern California and indulging in a cheeseburger (always ask for animal style), fries, and chocolate shake!!  It’s a must in California!  But how do we learn and maintain balance on the road and when settling into our new environment??

Plan Plan Plan

Plan your snacks when on the road and at work.  Fruit and nuts are easy and healthy alternatives.  Drink mostly water.  Plan 30 minutes at the start or end of your day to exercise, whether it’s going for a walk, unrolling your yoga mat (Gypsy sequences to come), checking out your local gym, swimming hall, or dance studio.  Try something you’ve never tried before.  It’s in your Gypsy blood.  Find your routine and stick with it.

 Create a Sense of Home

Wellness is not just about exercise and eating well. It’s also about a sense of well-being.  While we enjoy exploring new environments, it is always nice to take a piece of home with you.  Many of us have traveled with our pets, which is the closest thing to taking home with us.  Some other great ways to bring warmth and a sense of home to your new environment are to bring photos, plants, trinkets, and/or your favorite candles.  I always pack one box full of photos and candles.  It gives a sense of familiarity.  If you are not an expert plant person (me), ask for help finding the lowest maintenance plant.

 Embrace Your New Surroundings

This is why we travel.  We yearn to taste new food, see new sights.  The perfect place to start is your local Farmer’s Market.  You will find the freshest local and seasonal ingredients.  Check out the festivals in your area.  Take a moment to breathe it all in.  Find Gypsy friends.  Ten years later, I am still in contact with my Gypsy friends.  Some become your friends for life.


Being on the road often can lead to chronic poor food choices.  Indulge!  Eat the foods you love. Try to commit to once a week.  On your other days, try to get your healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains in.  Keep a bag of trail mix in your work bag.  It’s an easy and healthy hunger fix.  Drink even more water.

Listen to Your Body

Get enough sleep (Gypsy yoga for sleep to come).  Learn to say no when it is necessary.  Learn to ask for help.  Just because you are a traveler does not mean that you know everything and can take on anything.  We all need help sometimes.  On the days you have a ton of energy, take that long run or go to your favorite invigorating yoga class.  On the days you wake up with less energy, maybe opt for a walk or a restorative yoga session instead.

We need to learn to take a moment for ourselves.  We need to focus on our wellness. We are caretakers by nature.  We can easily lose our own well-being in the process and often suffer from the same stress-related illnesses we lecture our patients about.  My message, take care of yourself.  Until next time <3

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