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By Lirika Hart

November 24, 2020



Cheap Vacation Ideas For Travel Nurses That Are Actually Fun

If you are a travel nurse and want to have fun while on vacation on a strict budget, you can achieve that. There are a ton of fun activities that you can indulge in and still feel like you traveled for holidays. Here are 7 cheap vacation ideas that you can try out:

1. Tour locally

We all desire to go for fancy holiday vacations abroad but how many local tourist sites do you know of or have visited in your city? Well, if there are tourist attraction sites that you’ve heard of but have never visited in your city, it may be a good idea to start there when you have a tight budget.

Every town or city in the world has something beautiful to see. That fact is the reason why some people come to your city for vacations. If you take up this approach, you will be surprised at how much there is to see right under your nose. So, go local if you are looking for cheap vacation ideas. However, it is good to keep in mind that if you’re going to use public WiFi while traveling, it is good to always use a VPN, for example, NordVPN or other alternatives. ( You can take a look at this NordVPN Review for further consideration.)

2. Camping

Camping is another affordable trip that a traveling nurse can take. The advantage of camping is that you will get a chance to connect with nature and sleep under the stars. There are numerous activities that a travel nurse can do while on a camping trip such as fishing in the nearby lake, shooting off fireworks at night as well as releasing sky lanterns.

If you do not like sleeping in a tent, you could find an affordable vacation rental to sleep in at night while you participate in camping activities during the day. Cabins are often affordable and are situated in a pristine environment.

3. Take vacations during off-seasons

If you have always wanted to go out of town or abroad for a vacation, you should pick a place of your choice and wait for the low season. In case you didn’t know, holiday package deals are often given during off-peaks even for traveling nurses.

When you travel during this season, you are likely to get cheap flights and accommodation. When your goal is to travel on a budget, avoid going for vacations during the summer season, holidays, and winter breaks. Just save and take your vacation during autumn.

4. Visit the park

There is always something interesting to see in a park. Fees paid in national parks are affordable especially when you are a local or a traveling nurse. Most national parks charge very low fees sometimes less than your monthly food bill.

The beauty of going to the park as a travel nurse is that you do not have to worry about budgeting for lunches in restaurants, you can pack your meals and have a picnic once you are done sightseeing. But, what can you do in a park?

There are numerous activities you can engage in depending on the park you choose to visit. Among them are:

  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Paddling
  • Snorkeling
  • Horseback-riding

5. Take a cruise

Cruises are luxurious and expensive. The trick to getting into a cruise ship at an affordable price is by booking last-minute. Normally, no cruise company or ship captain would want to leave the dock with empty cabins.

So, if you desire a cruising experience as a travel nurse, you should book about two weeks before the ship leaves. Additionally, you could book about a year in advance because cruise companies often give discounts to passengers who book early.

Suppose you want to go as a group, the best way to get affordable rates is by involving travel agents. These parties can get you some of the best deals ever.

6. Visit unpopular beaches

The more famous the beach, the more you will pay to stay there. With beaches, the experience you get is the same. Therefore, if you desire to swim, watch the tide, or surf, you can do it even on the least expensive beaches.

7. Take a home vacation

To have a successful home vacation as a travel nurse, you have to plan and stick to your schedule. The first thing that you can do is keep off office work and the purpose of having some fun. Some of the activities that you can venture into include:

  • Taking a spa day
  • Eating out at that restaurant downtown that serves Caribbean themed meals
  • Invite your friends for cookouts
  • Camp in your backyard

Staycation activities are numerous and you will not blow your account trying to have fun.


Having fun is a choice. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to entertain yourself. When you engage in these simple and affordable vacation ideas, you will achieve the same result as someone who went on a million-dollar vacation. Have you found any vacation ideas as a travel nurse? Comment your travel nurse vacation ideas below.

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