Traveling with Family: Top Tips for Travel Nursing with a Family

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September 28, 2022



Top Tips for Travel Nursing with a Family

So, your next travel contract is set, and your family is joining. Whether this means that you have a spouse with you for the trip or you are traveling with kids, things shift when you’re traveling with family. Here are some of our very best tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible for traveling with family!

Keep everyone included

With big life events, everyone is far more likely to be on board if they feel involved. Think of making it a “team travel” versus one person making the decisions and the others simply designated as passengers. There are ways to make everyone feel included and a part of the process without giving away important decisions. For instance, if traveling with kids, the parents will make the decisions regarding housing, but the kids can decide on travel tunes or some decor for their rooms. They can even decide a handful of things they want to do in their new home area or attractions they are interested in. This way, everyone is a part of the journey!

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Plan for things big and small

This tip is particularly applicable if traveling with children. When thinking about traveling, “big” things are often the first things arranged. Transportation, housing, etc. To kids, the small things are big, too. Don’t forget to find local parks, kid-friendly restaurants, travel entertainment packs for the car, and snacks! While they seem small to adults, these things are game-changes to kids, particularly when they are going through a big change. 

Divide and conquer

The bigger the crew, the more overwhelming travel can seem. Take time to divide and conquer the responsibilities and tasks that have to get done when traveling. Do not be afraid to ask for help! Friends and family may be able to pitch in a few hours to help you get details arranged, pack things up, or help you run errands last minute. 

Join the community!

Spouses and kids may feel a little lonely when entering a new community, especially if they work from home or are home-schooled. It can be intimidating to think about jumping right into a new community. You have a built-in network with your new coworkers, but spouses and kids don’t get that new network. Take some time and research local churches, meetup groups, interest groups, rec centers, and more. This will allow your family to feel involved in the new community as soon as possible. 

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