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By Emily Andrews

March 13, 2019



What to Consider When Buying a Vehicle as a Traveling Nurse

Since you are a traveling nurse, you know how important it is to have a reliable and comfortable vehicle at your disposal. Additionally, you’re expected to arrive on time for your assignments, so having car problems is not an option. So, what do you need to consider when you are making purchasing decisions about your vehicle?

Below are some important points to consider when buying a vehicle as a traveling nurse:


Whether you are buying, leasing, or choosing a new or used car, it needs to be reliable above all else. New cars come with warranties and offer the most reliability, but used cars can also deliver years of reliable use. Make sure to run a VIN check on the used car you are considering to get the complete history. It will provide you with the vehicle’s history, such as the number of owners, and list any accidents it has been in.


Considering the expense is a vital step. Consider how much you are comfortable paying down and how much of a monthly payment would be comfortable. Be sure to also take into account additional expenses such as excise tax and insurance. Explore the tax laws in your state and consult with your accountant to see under which terms you might be able to write off a portion of the car cost, such as depreciation. Consider how long you plan to continue working as a traveling nurse and whether you hope your newly purchased vehicle will last the entire time or even afterward.

Traveling Nurse Vehicle


When purchasing a new vehicle, safety is the most important consideration. You can check safety ratings for all makes and models and years using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. Newer vehicles with one previous owner and no accident history will be safest among used options. New cars will have different safety ratings when compared side by side but will often offer better safety ratings overall than used cars.


When selecting a vehicle, you must consider what it will need in terms of maintenance. All vehicles have standard maintenance, such as oil change needs and tire and break maintenance. Checking costs for specific makes and models you are considering will be helpful in knowing what you can expect to spend on maintenance. It is also important to consider how accessible it will be to find the right services for your vehicle. Certain foreign models can only be serviced by certified mechanics, so you will want to make sure you can find the right auto service places in your area.


There are a lot of considerations when you contemplate the features of your new vehicle. Gas mileage is a big one – if you drive a lot, you will likely want to prioritize fuel-efficient options. If you live and work in a four-season climate, you will want to also think about features like heated seats and automated starters, as well as how well your vehicle needs to perform in rough weather, like snow. You also might have strong personal preferences, such as wanting leather seats for easier cleanup. Stereo options and Bluetooth features can also make your vehicle more comfortable and enjoyable as you drive from patient to patient.

The process of deciding which car to buy or lease can be a stressful one, but it is also an exciting path to your next vehicle that better fits your lifestyle and your professional needs. Make sure to take your time, do your research, and test-drive multiple models. Explore costs from multiple sources to help achieve peace of mind. Talking to owners of cars similar to those you are considering can also be a big help. As they may speak to points you would not have otherwise considered. Considering this decision from all sides. Doing so in a well-paced and logical manner will help you make a confident decision.

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