Traveling During Covid-19: What To Know (Travel Tips for Travel Nurses)

By Lirika Hart

August 28, 2020



Traveling During Covid-19: What To Know

Are you thinking about rescheduling travel that you shelved due to COVID-19? Maybe you’ve family or work responsibilities that require you to catch the next available flight or you just want to get out of your town for a short vacation. Whatever the reason, it’s imperative to understand the facts regarding your travel options and ways to protect yourself from this deadly virus if you must travel. Below are some things to keep in mind when traveling during this global health emergency.

1. Risk Factors

Senior citizens and individuals of any age with serious health conditions like suppressed immune systems, heart or lung problems, diabetes, or severe obesity are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19. So before embarking on a trip, think about the risk factors for not only yourself but also for those accompanying you. On top of that, find out whether the numbers of COVID-19 cases are rising, declining, or remaining constant in the place you’re planning to visit.

2. Local Covid-19 Travel Rules and Restrictions

Each country has its own travel rules and restrictions in this era of COVID-19. Some regions are still in total lockdowns while others demand a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine prior to and/or after travel. So acquainting yourself with local restrictions of the place you’re intending to visit can save you from undesirable surprises and delays.

Your destination’s official health websites can be your resourceful source of information. Bear in mind that restrictions are continuously updated based on local conditions. Keep checking for updates, especially when your trip draws near.  As you’re doing your research, check visitor information and open hours for parks, resorts, and restaurants that you may visit during your vacation. For instance, you may look up the best Florida Keys vacation rentals if that’s your destination.

3. Transportation Safety

How are you planning to get to your destination? Will you take a flight or drive? How safe is your means of transport? These are extremely important questions as far as traveling during a pandemic is involved. If you opt for air travel, check the measures airports and airlines have put in place to curb the spread of the virus. You can get this information by checking their website. But here are some of the changes you’re likely to notice if it’s your first time to fly since the pandemic started:

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff donning protective gear like masks and gloves, and keeping social distance
  • TSA officers using new gloves for each frisking
  • Bag search, document verification dais and drop off sites surrounded with plastic shields
  • Travelers keeping their masks on during screening

If air travel isn’t your thing, you may choose to drive to your destination. Although driving provides you with more power over your environment, you still have to plan on how you’ll ensure maximum safety. Below are some precautions to follow:

  • Try to minimize the number of stops you’ll make – but once you feel drowsy, stop driving.
  • Place approved face masks and hand disinfectant within arm’s reach for easy access and use during the trip.
  • Pack enough food and water to avoid stopping at restaurants or malls. But if you must buy a snack on the road, choose eateries that offer curbside or drive-through services.
  • Carry disposable gloves and some cleaning supplies

If you opt for a train or bus, keep a social distance of at least 2 meters throughout the journey. You can also follow the measures outlined above to ensure maximum protection during travel.

4. Safety at Hotels and Other Accommodation Facilities

Where will you stay? During this period of COVID-19, you need to ensure you’re staying in a clean hotel or accommodation facility that’s adhering to the best public health practices. Check the website of the place you’re planning to stay for information regarding the precautions it has put in place to keep visitors and staff safe. Florida Keys vacation rentals have also not been left behind as far as complying with public health guidelines is involved.

 When traveling during a global health emergency like COVID-19, it’s imperative to protect yourself as well as those you’re traveling with.  Ensure you pack adequate personal protection equipment like cloth face masks and hand sanitizer. Make use of these items every time you are in public and keep social distance, as well.

We hope you found these tips for traveling during COVID helpful! Are there any other tips for traveling during COVID we missed, or you think should be added to this list? Comment them below.

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