Travel Nursing Home : 5 Renter-Friendly Tips to Spruce It Up

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By Gifted Healthcare

March 3, 2022



5 Renter-Friendly Tips to Spruce Up Your Travel Nursing Home

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With all the amazing perks that come with travel nursing, there are a few things that can make the jump a bit harder to take. One difficult task is to find housing that fits your needs, but once you do, an even more challenging task might be making your travel nursing home feel like home.  

The easiest thing you can do from the start is to bring a few of your favorite smaller, packable items with you. Pack your favorite photos of friends and family, books, and décor to add little bits of your life and personality throughout your place right away. Since you cannot pack up everything, being selective with the smaller items you love is key. Try to pick items that you would enjoy while considering space: would you rather see pictures of your friends and family throughout your home or large art?  

After setting up the décor you packed, look around your new home and decide what room and/or areas of the house could use a little sprucing up and utilize these tips and tricks.  


The lighting of your apartment or home can dictate the entire ambiance. A place with big windows will bring natural light into your space, but if that isn’t the case for your temporary home, try adding light where you can.

Start by decorating your windows with curtains. Opening your curtains during the day allows natural light to soak in but also provides privacy when necessary. There are some temporary options for curtain rods and hooks that will not damage your rental, including adhesive Command Strips.

String lights, lamps, and pendant lights are all options to add light to your temporary space. A pendant light with a cord can easily be hung with an adhesive hook, so it hangs from your ceiling, adding style and overhead light. This will look especially chic in a corner spot. String lights also hang well with adhesive hooks and can frame a wall to brighten up your space. Try them along the wall your bed is perpendicular to for some cozy nighttime light.

Lighting can elevate the ambiance as well as the overall look of your newfound space. Try LED motion-sensor lights under your cabinets to make your kitchen feel more upscale. The motion sensors will come in handy for your early mornings or late nights when you are coming and going from shifts too.  


The organization of your home might be the easiest way to feel at ease in the new spot. When everything has a place, your space will feel put together and ready for your busy schedule. The bonus perk of this is that you can add style while organizing each room. Try to find a variety of storage items that will match your décor to create a cohesive vibe. Long narrow fabric bins for under your bed are a great option to increase your storage while hiding your clothes. Storage bins in your bathroom are perfect for products and toiletries.

When it comes to storage, shelving can be a bit trickier for a rental space, but it is definitely doable with adhesive stick options. Try to find floating shelves that come with adhesive strips or shelves that hang from strings you can hook to the wall. Shelves create storage and organization that your place might lack and could be a focal point for your décor as well. The best part is that you can pack your shelves up and bring them with you to the next place.


Most rental locations tend to have white walls and neutral tones, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little color to your spot. There are so many ways to add a pop throughout your place that can travel with you to each assignment.

Peel and stick wallpaper makes for a fun accent wall and a great way to add some life to your home. You can choose your color and/or pattern and placement, giving you all of the power to make your new home unique. Measure the length of your wall, cut your pieces, and carefully place the paper on your wall until you are ready to pack up and head to your next travel nursing assignment. Most peel and stick wallpapers are reusable so do a little research before you purchase to ensure you get extra use.  

If you want to spice up an entire room, try looking for an accent rug that immediately brings you joy. Rugs are a powerful way to completely change the way a room looks and feels. You can find any size, so whether it is a large rug for the living space or a smaller rug to just add a touch of color to your closet, try this out and see what you like best.

For some subtle color, pick up flowers for your kitchen table. This is a convenient way to add color, texture, and life to your home without adding any new items to your suitcase. This is also interchangeable décor that you can replace with new colors as your old flowers begin to wilt without ever having to bring them along for your next move.

Secret Renovations

When renting a place or living somewhere temporarily, you don’t have the same freedom to make long-lasting renovations you might want to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like you renovated the place. If you don’t love the kitchen counters, find an adhesive paper of what you would want them to look like. You can transform your counter space to look like a slab of marble without any construction at all. The paper is easily removable with no damage, just like the peel and stick wallpaper.    

The best part about this is that you can use this hack on almost anything. Purchase peel and stick tile backsplash or floor tiles to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. No one would know that it was only a façade, not even you. 


Sometimes just having a clean space can make all the difference. Simple things like dusting your baseboards and deep cleaning the shower can make you feel more comfortable in the new space. There are useful products for locked-in dirt like grout pens to cover any stain, spackle to fill any holes in the walls, and more.

Make it You

Although this new housing might not be forever, it is your space for your 13-week contract, and you want to feel good after a long shift walking into your home. But before trying any of these little hacks, take pictures of your new spot so that when it comes time to pack up, you know how to leave the place just as you found it. It is also important to read over your lease and see what is allowed and strictly not allowed as it is different everywhere you go. Most importantly, have fun and decorate your space to feel like you!

We hope you found these 5 Renter Friendly Tips to Spruce Up Your Travel Nursing Home helpful. Have you found ways to spruce your travel nursing home up? Comment any tips for sprucing up travel nursing homes below.

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