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By CareerStaff Unlimited

December 8, 2023



Packing for Cold Weather: 30 Travel Nursing Essentials

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White blankets of snow, cozying up after a long shift, magical holiday events warmed by the fire, hot chocolate, and long-standing traditions – there are endless reasons to choose a cold weather destination for your next travel nursing assignment!

Not sure how to prepare or unfamiliar with packing for cold weather? Consider this a travel nursing essentials guide for your fun, frosty adventures ahead!

travel nursing essentials

Benefits of Cold Weather Assignments

While they might not be as popular, there’s a long list of reasons to choose a colder climate for your next travel nursing assignment. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Better Pay & Opportunities

Let’s face it — almost everyone applies for positions in the warm-weather states during the winter months. Cut past the competition and embrace the opportunities in cold-weather states. With less competition and higher demand, you might just find more options and higher pay.

  • Seasonal Festivities & Events

Skip the long lines and crowds of tourists and explore the area’s top spots during the off-season.

Plus, cold-weather regions tend to be the best at holidays. See if the area has any holiday markets or events you can attend. Who knows — you might even get to try your hand at winter sports!

Tips for Preparing & Packing for Cold Weather: Travel Nursing Assignments

travel nursing essentials

Ready to brace for the cold? With a bit of preparation and packing for cold weather, you’ll go from chilly to cozy in no time:

  • Research the Climate.

Look up the monthly weather averages in the city you’ll be living in, including the highs, lows, rainfall, and snowfall when packing for cold weather.

  • Invest in Warm Clothing

A quality winter coat, footwear, and gloves will be your best friends when packing for cold weather. However, if you need to pack light, remember you can purchase more winter travel nursing essentials once you get there.

  • Learn How to Travel in Snow & Ice.

If you aren’t used to driving in the snow, take some time to learn and practice safe winter driving techniques. Map out your driving, walking, or public transportation path to work.

Packing for Cold Weather: Travel Nursing Essentials

Throw on your sweater, blast your winter playlist, and grab a pen — it’s time to pack! Packing for cold weather is a whole different experience if you’ve never done it before. Here’s a list of travel nursing essentials to help you get started.

Remember: Some items may be better to get once you arrive. Use this as a packing and moving checklist of travel nursing essentials!

  • Clothing & Accessories
    • Winter-friendly scrubs and moisture-wicking base layers (Pro tip: Remember to layer your scrubs for cold weather!)
    • Warm, water-resistant winter coat
    • Insulated gloves or mittens
    • Scarves and/or neck gaiters
    • Sweaters and thermal tops
    • Thermal bottoms and/or fleece-lined leggings
    • Insulated, waterproof boots
    • Wool or thermal socks
    • Hats or beanies to cover your head and ears
    • Heavy-duty snow boots for extreme conditions (if necessary)
    • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh winter glare
    • Waterproof, insulated backpack or tote bag for carrying travel nursing essentials
  • Personal Care
    • Sunscreen with a high SPF (Yes, you still need it in winter!)
    • Lip balm or chapstick with SPF
    • Travel-sized first aid kit with basic supplies
    • Medications and any necessary medical supplies
    • Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
travel nursing essentials
  • Home Essentials
    • Extra blankets and bedding for added warmth
    • Space heater (if permitted and necessary)
    • Electric blanket and/or heated mattress pad (if needed)
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • Emergency kit with essential supplies (e.g., non-perishable food, water, first aid items)
    • Rock salt or ice melt for walkways and driveways
    • Snow shovel or snow removal equipment
    • Entertainment (something to cozy up with when it’s cold out!)
  • Documentation
    • Health insurance information and contact numbers
    • Recruiter and travel nursing agency contact information

Find Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

Packing for cold weather assignments? From thrilling hotspots to chilly escapes, your career can be an endless journey of adventure. However, don’t forget one of the biggest travel nursing essentials: your recruiter!

Discover how travel nursing agencies like CareerStaff can guide you through the entire process of finding the right position, location, and healthcare facility that aligns with your career goals. Happy travels!

Our job board is a great place to search for your next travel nurse assignment. We have you covered with our housing page if housing is an issue. You can search for what you are looking for.

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