Travel Nursing as a Travel Nurse Pair- Tips for Making it Work

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By Paula Rouse

October 24, 2019



Travel Nursing as a Travel Nurse Pair: Tips for Making it Work

Thinking about travel nursing but don’t want to do it alone? Or are you currently traveling solo and have met someone on assignment that shares your same interests that you could see yourself traveling with?

My travel nurse journey

Either way I can tell you first hand that traveling with someone can be a great experience. I have been travel nursing now for about 18 months currently finishing up my fourth travel contract.  When I began this gypsy life of travel nursing I knew I wanted to work in California. I am a southern girl and was coming all the way from Georgia so I knew it was a journey that I did not want to embark on alone.

Finding someone to travel with

I landed my first assignment with another nurse that I had been working with for almost three years. We had become close friends and we worked great together. Having someone from home that was also a first time travel nurse made my transition into travel nursing so much easier. I felt supported and it was great having to work through learning this lifestyle with someone.

Going Solo and its perks

Now for my second and third assignments I went solo. Not because my former travel partner and I had a falling out. We just wanted to go different places. Solo travel nursing is amazing. I learned so much about myself and grew so much as a nurse. But I will say it was easier to adapt because I had already gone through my first assignment with someone. 

Traveling as a pair again!

Currently I am traveling with my work bestie or work wife as we like to call one another. A long time friend and nurse I met in my nurse residency program. Who had left our home hospital to go pursue travel nursing. 

Tips for traveling as a travel nurse pair

Now lets talk about what you need to know. Traveling as a pair is great however there can be challenges that you will encounter.

These include:

  • Housing it can be tricky to find housing for two in the same city,
  •  Assignments: it can also be difficult to find an assignment depending on what specialty you work in where the hospital and unit have more than one need.
  • Being roommates: not all friends make good room mates. So, make sure whoever you decide to travel with you can also live with.

With these things in mind take away the thought that traveling as travel nurse pair is exciting and you know no matter where you end up you have someone to explore and hang out with.  Also, you have someone in your same situation and that speaks volumes because this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and only those of us that live it understand that.

I hope you found these travel nurse pair tips helpful. Have you traveled with another travel nurse? Do you have any travel nurse pair tips to share? Comment them below!

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