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By Katy

November 19, 2017



Travel Nurse in an RV: Amenities

The following article is provided by Katy, who works as a travel nurse and lives in an RV. Katy describes what things the travel nurse may look for in RV park Amenities. 

RV Park amenities, what to look for and why you may need them

RV parks vary greatly in what they offer in the way of amenities.  Everyone is unique in what they want and what they cannot live without.   Following is a list of amenities that some parks offer and why you may need them.

30/50 amp service.  Be sure that you specify what amp service you need.  Some parks have only 30 amps or have a limited number of 50 amp spaces.

Pull though sites versus back in sites.  This will be a personal preference.  We like the back in sites because we love to leave the back window blinds open and look outside.  Look at a park map to see what would be behind your space.

WIFI.  This is an easy one.  While some, but not all, parks offer WIFI, there may be limitations.  Be sure and ask about those if this is something that you really need. Some parks offer WIFI for free and others require you to pay extra for it.  Some parks also offer a computer near the office as an alternative to free WIFI.

Cable.  Like WIFI some parks offer it for free and others require you to pay extra. We have a satellite dish installed so this is not mandatory for us.

Pool and hot tub.  For me a hot tub is a must if I am going to pay more money for an RV space.  Most RV’s do not have a bath tub and after a 12 hour shift a soak in a hot tub feels wonderful. Some questions to ask about the pool and hot tub.  Is it indoors or outdoors?  Is it heated? What are the hours?  Is it seasonal or open all year?

On site laundry.  Our rig has a washer and dryer on board but our last RV did not.  If your RV does not have laundry facilities this will be a big one for you.

Exercise Room.  The parks that offer exercise rooms vary greatly in what they offer.  Some have a treadmill and a bike and that’s it, while others have a complete workout  station.  Check the website for pictures or ask about what is there.

Showers.  While most people shower in their RV’s, there are times when you may want to use the showers at the park.

Dog Run.  I do not have any animals with me, but if you do, you will need to ask about this. Most parks have rules about animals being on a leash.  Some parks also have an area where your pet can run free without a leash.  A dog wash station is an added bonus in some places.

Concrete pads.  If I am paying extra I want a concrete area. Not only for the RV to sit on but for chairs, table, grills, etc.  If the park has concrete slabs for RV’s and then grass, ask where you can set up your outdoor space.  Some parks do not allow you to put anything on the grass and although it looks pretty, you have a limited amount of outside area to be in.  In our current park there is limited grass and no concrete.  We have a large outdoor rug purchased at an RV store to set up our outdoor space on.

BBQ’s and open fires.   I have never had a problem using my propane grill, but during fire season charcoal grills are sometimes banned.  Some parks have fire rings that allow open fires.  These are usually found in state parks although some parks in country settings have them also.

Playground.  If you have children, this will be a must for you.  A nice safe area for the children to get outside and run around will be high on your list.

Propane filling station.  It is a nice perk to have.  I have been at a park where you can set your bottles out and they will pick up, fill them, and return them to your site.

Washing your car or RV.  Most parks have rules against washing your car at your site, but most have some alternative to getting your RV clean.  We have had some that encourage you to do it yourself, some that have an RV washing area and some that require you to hire someone to come out and do it.

Social gatherings.  Large parks tend to have social events scheduled, such as karaoke, bingo, happy hours,  and pot lucks. If you are a social person this is a great way to meet others in the park and can be lots of fun.

This list covers the most common amenities but is sure to look at web pages of the parks you are considering for more.

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