Travel Nurses: 5 Ways to Market Yourself

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By Kevin Devoto

January 17, 2023



5 Ways Travel Nurses Can Market Themselves

Travel nursing has become a popular profession in recent years. This job lets you explore the country while helping those in need.

Unfortunately, the increased competition has made it hard for travel nurses to find work. You need to market yourself to employers to secure one of the few available positions in this field. Just as a businessman comes up with a sales plan to help him meet his revenue goals, you must create a strategy for locating and obtaining new assignments. Here are some tips for promoting yourself and your skills.

Travel Nurse Marketing tip:

1. Make Sure Your Resume Is Polished and Accurate

Many potential employers first get to know a traveling nurse by reviewing her resume. Keep your resume up-to-date and highlight any credentials or certifications you have obtained. Have a trusted friend or family member review the resume for any spelling or grammar errors.

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you should mention this on your resume, as well. This skill could be useful for international jobs.

Since hiring managers do not always read entire resumes, you should put your most valuable qualifications at the top of the resume. You may also want to make your own skills checklist. Most agencies require traveling nurses to fill out one of these checklists, so having one ready in advance will demonstrate your preparation.

2. Create a Website

A website is another way to show off your credentials.  Yet it should not just be a carbon copy of your resume. Instead, your website should feature a blog demonstrating your personality and experience as a traveling nurse.

Take advantage of search engine optimization techniques to increase the chances that a hiring manager or agency will locate your blog. If you are not an SEO expert, hire someone who is. You may also want to write guest posts on other websites to promote yourself further.

3. Utilize Social Media

Before making any hiring decisions, potential employers will search your name online. This means they will look at your various social media posts. You should thus delete any inappropriate pictures or comments immediately. You may also want to make your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts private.

However, you should maintain an active LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn allows you to find job listings and connect with others in the industry. Your profile should include a link to your professional website and the latest version of your resume.

4. Find a Recruiter

LinkedIn can also help you find a recruiter who can match you with your ideal job. Try speaking with several recruiters until you find one who best fits your needs. 

Once you have chosen a recruiter, stay in contact with him so you will remain at the top of his mind when a position becomes open. Communicate with the recruiter constantly, so he understands which types of assignments you prefer.

However, do not feel pressured to take every job the recruiter finds for you. If something about the position does not seem right, or if the job does not fit your needs, you should respectfully decline.

5. Interview Well

Your job interview is also a piece of the marketing process. Since it will likely be conducted over the phone, you should make sure your cell’s voicemail message is appropriate and professional.

Once your interview is scheduled, practice answering questions ahead of time. You should also do plenty of research into the company that is pursuing you. Come prepared with questions to show that you have done your homework. Do not forget to send a follow-up thank-you note after the interview, as well.

There are only a limited number of traveling nurse jobs available. By following these travel nurse marketing tips, you can increase your chances of landing one of these coveted gigs.

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