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By NuWest

August 25, 2023



Top 10 Travel Nurse Locations in 2023

NuWest provided this article.

While being a travel nurse is a demanding profession, the benefits travel nursing can provide are wide-ranging, including expanding your clinical experience, deepening your professional development, networking with new colleagues, taking advantage of flexible schedules, as well as maximizing stipends and other travel compensation perks. But for almost every travel nurse, the key benefit is the adventure, exploration, and personal enrichment traveling provides. 

So, for many intrepid souls, deciding on an exciting and challenging travel nurse career is the easy part. The harder part is choosing which assignment to accept and why. This search often begins by selecting a region, metro area, or city that fits your personality and lifestyle. 

To help you in this important choice, we’ve compiled some recent data on travel nurse jobs in the U.S. Our data comes from search interest and job posts from June and July 2023 and should help point to what will be some of the most popular travel nurse locations throughout the rest of this year. 

travel nurse locations

Finding Your Next Travel Assignment

Research and surveys tell us that as a travel nurse, you probably work with a few staffing agencies and have an app or tool that you prefer to leverage when finding new travel assignments. But did you realize that many of these tools and agencies are all posting the same jobs? Moreover, these travel jobs open and close so quickly that the exact job you initially applied for or were submitted to is often not the same as the placement you’ll end up taking. 

That’s right, who you choose to work with is rarely because of an exclusive listing you find on a specific job marketplace. More often than not, your travel assignment comes down to your relationship with your recruiter and how you are treated by the staffing agency

We say all this to let you know that it doesn’t matter what your favorite job board, agency, or app is. The trending info we explore in this article applies at a macro level to the industry as a whole. When looking for popular destinations, our data did reveal some of the most popular trending specialties, such as post-anesthesia, ICU, critical care, pediatrics, and even remote roles. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus solely on possible locations for your next travel assignment. 

Travel Nurse Job Data 

To find out which destinations are the most popular for travel nurses, we researched travel nurse jobs via search interest tools such as Google Trends, AnswerThePublic, UberSuggest, SEM Rush, and Similar Web. We then combined that user data with top travel nurse job marketplaces like Indeed, Fusion Marketplace, Vivian, VettedHealth, and Wanderly. 

What we found were some expected locations, along with some surprises. Additionally, after identifying the Top 10 RN travel nurse locations, we added additional data to help your decision-making process. We hope this helps!  

Top 10 RN travel nurse locations 

  1. Miami, FL 
  2. Houston, TX 
  3. San Antonio, TX 
  4. Chicago, IL 
  5. Brooklyn, NY 
  6. Philadelphia, PA 
  7. Las Vegas, NV 
  8. Jacksonville, FL 
  9. Orlando, FL 
  10. Los Angeles, CA 

#1 – Miami, FL 

travel nurse locations

Miami is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and diverse culinary scene. As a travel nurse, you might be attracted to the city’s warm weather and lively atmosphere. The city offers a mix of Latin American and Caribbean influences, making it a melting pot of cultures. In your free time, you can enjoy exploring the Art Deco Historic District, lounging on South Beach, and trying out various water sports. Dining options range from upscale restaurants to food trucks, offering a variety of international cuisines. 

  • Job Competition: 33/100 
  • Cost of Living Index: 83.8 (rank #77) 
  • Crime Index: 53.2 (rank #35)   

NOTE: For each Index, ranking is from 1-100, and lower is better.              

# Jobs 29 154 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,357 $2,254 
Top Weekly Pay $3,245 $2,517 
travel nurse

#2 – Houston, TX 

Houston is a major city with a booming healthcare industry. Travel nurses are drawn to the city’s renowned medical facilities and diverse patient populations. When not working, you can explore the Space Center Houston, Museum District and enjoy outdoor activities in the city’s many parks. Houston’s dining scene is known for its Tex-Mex cuisine and Southern comfort food, as well as a growing number of international restaurants. 

  • Job Competition: 39/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 73.8 (rank #48) 
  • Crime Index: 63.6 (rank #54)                        
# Jobs 78 363 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,150 $2,786 
Top Weekly Pay $3,060 $4,425 
travel nurse locations

#3 – San Antonio, TX 

San Antonio offers a blend of history, culture, and a strong healthcare sector. The city’s historic sites, such as The Alamo and the River Walk, attract visitors from all over. As a travel nurse, you’ll appreciate the city’s affordable cost of living and family-friendly atmosphere. In terms of dining, San Antonio is famous for its Tex-Mex fare and barbecue joints, providing a true taste of Texas. 

  • Job Competition: 90/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 68.1 (rank #26) 
  • Crime Index: 48.7 (rank #26)          
# Jobs 62 568 
Avg Weekly Pay $1,971 $2,441 
Top Weekly Pay $3,192 $3,796 
travel nurse locations

#4 – Chicago, IL 

Chicago boasts world-class healthcare facilities and a rich cultural scene. Travel nurses tend to love the city’s cutting-edge medical institutions and the opportunity to experience life in a bustling urban environment. Chicago offers iconic attractions like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Art Institute of Chicago. The city’s dining scene is diverse, ranging from deep-dish pizza to gourmet cuisine, and it’s known for its vibrant music and theater scene. 

  • Job Competition: 89/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 81.9 (rank #75) 
  • Crime Index: 66.0 (rank #58)                        
# Jobs 370 556 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,331 $2,992 
Top Weekly Pay $3,500 $2,575 
travel nurse locations

#5 – Brooklyn, NY 

As a borough of New York City, Brooklyn offers travel nurses access to some of the nation’s top medical institutions and an unmatched cultural experience. Nurses can explore neighborhoods like Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Brooklyn Heights, each with its own unique character. Brooklyn provides a mix of dining options, from trendy cafes to classic pizzerias, and it’s a hub for arts, music, and entertainment and is easily and affordably accessible to many other unique neighborhoods.  

  • Job Competition: 79/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 100.0 (rank #90) 
  • Crime Index: 49.7 (rank #29)                        
# Jobs 585 295 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,767 $3,367 
Top Weekly Pay $3,564 $4,080 

#6 – Philadelphia, PA 

Philadelphia is a historic city with a thriving medical community. Travel nurses are attracted to its top hospitals and research centers. Nurses can explore historical sites like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, as well as enjoy the vibrant food scene, which includes Philly cheesesteaks and diverse international eateries. 

  • Job Competition: 77/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 78.9 (rank #68) 
  • Crime Index: 65.8 (rank #57)                        
# Jobs 240 278 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,365 $3,550 
Top Weekly Pay $3,558 $4,115 
travel nurse locations

#7 – Las Vegas, NV 

Las Vegas is known for its world-famous entertainment and hospitality industries. Travel nurses will find leading hospitals and medical centers. During your time off, experience the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip, catch live shows, and explore nearby natural attractions like Red Rock Canyon. The city offers a wide range of dining options, from celebrity chef restaurants to buffets. 

  • Job Competition: 26/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 72.2 (rank #43) 
  • Crime Index: 56.0 (rank #44)                        
# Jobs 20 30 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,537 $2,546 
Top Weekly Pay $3,913 $3,979 
jacksonville fl travel nurse location

#8 – Jacksonville, FL 

Jacksonville offers a mix of coastal living and medical opportunities. Travel nurses will love its beautiful beaches and outdoor recreational activities. In your free time, explore the Jacksonville Zoo, take boat tours, relax on Amelia Island, and visit the historic Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods. The dining scene features fresh seafood and Southern cuisine. 

  • Job Competition: 82/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 70.8 (rank #34) 
  • Crime Index: 51.5 (rank #31)                        
# Jobs 21 57 
Avg Weekly Pay $1,964 $1,635 
Top Weekly Pay $2,800 $2,856 
travel nurse locations

#9 – Orlando, FL 

Orlando is home to a variety of medical facilities and is known for its family-friendly attractions. Travel nurses go for both top healthcare opportunities and close proximity to major theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. In your leisure time, check out the local dining scene, which includes diverse options ranging from international cuisine to Florida-inspired dishes. 

  • Job Competition: 37/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 74.2 (rank #50) 
  • Crime Index: 530.2 (rank #30)                                   
# Jobs 86 39 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,047 $2,519 
Top Weekly Pay $2,412 $3,000 
travel nurse locations 2 1

#10 – Los Angeles, CA 

Los Angeles offers a mix of top-tier medical institutions and the glamour of Hollywood. Travel nurses will find top healthcare opportunities and the chance to experience the iconic sights of LA, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, and the beaches of Santa Monica. The city’s dining scene is incredibly diverse, featuring cuisine from around the world, and it’s a hub for entertainment, arts, and culture. 

  • Job Competition: 87/100  
  • Cost of Living Index: 85.7(rank #81) 
  • Crime Index: 52.7 (rank #34)          
# Jobs 450 267 
Avg Weekly Pay $2,583 $3,480 
Top Weekly Pay $3,087 $5,854 

Each of these cities has its own unique appeal for travel nurses, ranging from cultural experiences to career opportunities, and they all offer a variety of dining, entertainment, and attraction options to explore during your time off. We hope this article on top travel nurse locations with added data helps you in your decision-making when choosing where to take your next travel assignment. Do you have your picks for the top travel nurse locations? Comment them below.

Our job board is a great place to search for your next travel nurse assignment. We have you covered with our housing page if housing is an issue. You can search for what you are looking for.

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