Crisis Assignments: A Travel Nurse's Guide to Crisis Assignments

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By Paula Rouse

March 20, 2020



A Travel Nurse’s Guide to Crisis Assignments

Tips for Crisis Assignments:

1. Review your contract: 

Thoroughly review your pay rate, overtime rate, and housing stipend. These contracts are going to be more than 36 hours. They will be at least 48 hours, some are 60 hours a week. Also, keep in mind your filing status and ask for your take-home pay after taxes. Not gross pay but net pay this is a definite need to know!! Make sure your housing stipend is enough to cover you during and after the assignment if you have a difficult time leaving the city. Lastly, check with your company’s policy on what is in place in case you are exposed and have to be quarantined. Are you going to have to go without pay for these two weeks? Are they going to cover your medical expenses if you end up needing care? Always make sure you are covered. 

2. Contract Location: 

Decide on how you are getting to the contract flying or driving? If you plan to fly think about how much you need to pack. I also recommend packing for an extra two to three weeks in case that city goes on travel restriction and you have to stay longer. 

3. Secure Housing: 

This is getting difficult as many people are not wanting to rent to health care workers. If you’re returning to a city that you’ve been to reach out to old landlords. Connect with family or friends in the area if you have the option. If traveling somewhere new I recommend a hotel or extended stay close to the facility. 

4. What to pack: 

Essentials!! We are seeing how crazy it’s getting keep in mind you have no idea what type of state that the city is in. They may not have what you need. Pack it all. Have everything you need to survive for the length of the contract and at least two weeks after. Just be prepared. 

5. Protect yourself!! 

At the facility, their guidelines may differ from where you have previously worked in terms of precautions and PPE. Stay compliant but above everything else protect yourself go with your gut and what you think you need to be protected. Days off make sure you rest and keep your immunity up stay in and stay healthy. 

We hope you find these tips for crisis assignments helpful. We have made it easier for you to find these crisis assignments on our site. Click here to view COVID-19 jobs now!


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