Travel Nurse Specialties: Top 5 Travel Nurse Specialties

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May 21, 2019



Top 5 Travel Nurse Specialties

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What are the top Travel Nurse Specialties?

Looking into travel nursing? Are you a new grad trying to decide on a specialty or a veteran nurse looking for a change? Here are a list of the top 5 travel nurse specialties and some information on each specialties. Currently, there is a considerable opportunity for growth and development in the nursing field. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the RN position outlook will increase by 15% from 2016 to 2026. Choosing or transitioning to the ideal position can be rewarding and life changing. Here are the top 5 in-demand Travel Nurse Specialties right now.

Labor and Delivery

If you’re a travel nurse looking for a position that focuses on the labor and birth of a newborn, this may be the right fit for you. There are approximately 4 million babies born in the United States each year. There will always be a need to help those mothers and their newborns. Because there is a need, L&D Nurses have great job security. There is also a high likelihood for contract extensions. This specialty is one of the top paying and most rewarding.

Emergency Room

Emergency room nurses, also known as trauma nurses, are responsible for patient care in emergency situations. An ER nurse is prepared for any situation and needs to have a wide range of skills! Emergency nurses are on the front lines. On any given day ER nurses see patients that have been in car accidents, fractured bones or suffered gun-shot wounds. Most importantly, an ER nurse thrives on chaos and is able to handle stressful environments quickly and efficiently.

Medical Surgical/Telemetry

These positions are ideal for someone who is starting their career and is new to travel nursing. Because there is high demand, there are many more locations to choose from when looking for a job as a Med Surg or Telemetry Nurse. This position is a highly trained, dedicated role to medical and postoperative care. Skills related to intravenous therapy drips, arterial lines, and central venous pressure lines are needed for these specialties.

Critical Care – ICU/SICU/MICU/NICU

The intensive care unit role demands an understanding mind, quick thinking, and dedication to achieving the skills necessary. Ready for a learning experience? ICU nurses are constantly exposed to different types of patients, procedures, and disease processes.

Additionally, our travel nurses tell us that this is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding specialties. Job security is positive, the demand is high, and because this position treats higher-acuity patients, it is also one of the top paying specialties. Another plus to choosing this specialty is the patient count is very low giving you more time to spend with those who need it.

Operating Room Registered Nurse

The Operating room nurse or perioperative nurse as they are now called, are involved in multiple stages of surgery. From before, during, and after, this is a position that is no stranger to responsibilities and tense work environments. Because surgeries generally only occur during the day, this position has daytime hours and often works 4 10-hour days. Furthermore, there are several jobs within this specialty. Scrub Nurse: works directly with the surgeon in the sterile field a Circulating Nurse: observes the surgical team in the non-sterile field to help maintain a safe, comfortable environment.

For additional role and salary information, refer to web resources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Top Registered Nurse. Education and experience requirements may vary by position.

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