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By trustaff

March 30, 2020



4 Tips for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

This article provided by Trustaff Healthcare

Stay up-to-date with the latest recommendations

Read and share the latest information from reliable sources like the CDC and WHO. Since things are changing so fast, info even a few days old may no longer be accurate. With this very fluid situation, we need to do our best to stay on top of what’s going on.

Being on the front-line of it all, you are seeing these recommendations go into place first-hand and having experiences that others may not understand. You can be a great source of knowledge and comfort, but it’s important to be sure what you’re sharing is accurate.

If you’re unclear about something that’s happening at your facility, call your agency and speak to your recruiter. If your agency has clinical liaisons on staff, they can be a huge asset when it comes to procedural rules and guidance.

You’re needed now more than ever

You went into the healthcare industry because you care about people. You are able to ease a worried parent’s mind or comfort a patient going through an uncomfortable procedure. Your patients need your guidance and your facility needs your help. Use your knowledge and skills to spread positivity through these tough times.

We are all in this together, but as healthcare professionals, you are the ones leading the way forward. One of the most inspiring parts of this crisis has been seeing people come together to help each other. Whether it be taking that crisis assignment, helping boost your department with additional knowledge, or calming someone down with a comforting approach. Let your caring spirit shine!

Take care of yourself and your family

healthcare professionals

Close your social media and put down the news. Take some time to find balance and take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Between shifts, do your best to rest and recuperate.

Though things may feel anything but normal, try to keep some sort of normality in your life outside of work. Go for a walk, do some yoga, relax with a glass of wine, do a rejuvenating at-home facial, or read a book to relieve some of that built-up stress. Whatever your preferred outlet, do anything you can to keep your mind off work while you’re at home. Your own mental and physical health has never been more important than they are right now.

Keep the communication flowing

Talk to your recruiter frequently and check in with family members; they’re your biggest supporters right now and appreciate everything you do! Communicate constantly with your coworkers. Ask questions and start conversations.

Set up a daily or weekly call with a loved one or friend. A simple call or video chat can not only help them but also yourself! As everyone is self-isolating, we are all craving the social settings we are so used to and a quick call or video chat can do wonders. Technology can be a huge help!

Each person will react to the pandemic differently. It’s important that we be patient with each other during this time of increased stress.


Keep doing what you do best – and that’s being a healthcare professional! The whole world is giving you endless amounts of support for stepping up to finish this fight. We are all so thankful for you and everything you do and are cheering you on ‘til the end. Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves.

We hope you found these tips for healthcare professionals helpful. Do you have any tips for healthcare professionals you would like to share? Comment them below.

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