“My Ticket To Travel Nursing” - Writing Your Travel Nurse Novel

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By Staffmax Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting

March 5, 2023



Writing Your Novel; “My Ticket To Travel Nursing”

Staffmax Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting provided this article.

Article was written by: Julie Hesseltine, RN, CNO, and Sr. Recruiter for Staffmax.

The New York Best Sellers is a list I have always wanted to be on.   I was certain that I had a wonderful book hiding in the attic of my mind, just waiting to be thrown onto a computer screen and shared with the world.   Everyone would want to read it.   I could then retire and simply sit at my computer or under a tree by the pond watching the ducks and listening to the birds chirping as I wrote my next and then another.  However, I realized that not everyone wanted to read my first book.  But it has been one of the most incredible books I have ever written because of all that it contained.  

After months of hesitation and talking things over with friends, family, and one trusted dog who listens to everything you have to say, all the while writing the pros and cons on paper, the decision has been made.  It is time to give up that trusted full-time job, hit the road, and start traveling.  After talking to several recruiters, at least that is narrowed down to a few for the time being.   But what should be done in the meantime?  Having given the professional notice of four weeks, what needs to be done in order to start?

It was a decision that may have been made well over a year ago or something you had thought about for years, but in order to make things as easy as possible for the future, it is time to gather your documents and write your book. A book? Today, it is time that you write your own book!

The title for your new book is simply “My Ticket to Travel Nursing.” 

In life, as we know it anymore, there is always that hidden sense of urgency, and this book is going to throw away the need for anxiety and last-minute phone calls. This book is special; you will write two copies because one is your backup!  Each page and each chapter have probably already been written. Oh, and you will also want to have a couple of additional backups to your book stored on external hard drives too.

What is this book?

A book of documents, everything, and anything related to travel nursing.  What materials are needed to create this masterpiece?  A binder, plastic sleeves, paper and printer, and time.  Now, gather everything that a recruiter is going to request from you. One document in each plastic sleeve, and keep things orderly.  Be certain that you have also taken a digital picture to keep on your phone or to be uploaded to the external hard drive.

Here is a list of all that will be contained in your book;

  1. Resume; Kept up to date with no time gaps with the facility names and city, and state of each place you work. 
  2. References; You will always have a list of at least 2 charge nurses and supervisors with their phone numbers and email addresses from each facility you work
  3. Immunizations; These documents will have, at a minimum, your Covid, Flu, MMR, Varicella, Hep B, and Tdap information.  These may be copies of the actual vaccinations, pharmacy receipts with the lot and expiration numbers, or titers. 
  4. TB Testing; State laws require different tests as well as timeframes in which the test can be done.   Individual agencies will also let you know what is acceptable.
  5. Copy of your driver’s license, social security card, and all of your nursing credentials; BLS, ACLS, etc.
  6. Copies of your continuing education that you have been able to complete for future license renewals.
  7. Copies of any licensing information sent in for individual licenses
  8. Copy of your License Verification.
  9. Copy of your College transcripts or a copy of your diploma
  10. Copy of your marriage certificate and divorce papers
  11. Copy of your assignment contracts so you can go back and review

Your book has been written

Now that you have managed to gather all of these, insert them in a protective plastic sleeve, and save them in your binder, your book has been written.  Make sure there are two; one goes with you on all of your travel adventures, and the other stays home in a safe place.  In each book, tape that external drive to the book so that you have your book saved electronically too. 

The greatest part about your book is that it changes with every travel contract you take. Each new assignment and each contract means you get to add to your book.   While this book will never be on the New York Times Best Seller list, this book will chase away the anxiety of not having documents when you are on the road.  Time is of the essence, and when it is time for a travel adventure, nobody has time to look for all of that other stuff. 

Now, it is time to start on that novel about your Adventures of Traveling.

We hope you found this article on Writing Your Novel, “My Ticket To Travel Nursing,” helpful. Are there any other items you would include in your “My Ticket To Travel Nursing” novel? Comment them below.

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