Success as a Travel Nurse and Beyond

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By Jennifer Traub

December 5, 2022



Finding Success as a Travel Nurse and Beyond

Let me start by saying I do not feel worthy of writing this yet. I am not a multi-million dollar earner or the founder of some life-changing startup. I hope to publish a book/article from a place of tangible success worthy of inspiring others. I have, however, accomplished various goals that, 10 years ago, seemed to be out of reach for me. Therefore, I wish to share my experience and insight with you in hopes you, too, could one day go for whatever it is you want in this life. You, too, may continue to build and climb and soak up everything life offers.

I remember growing up, always having big goals and dreams for myself.

Deep down, however, I doubted I could really get there. Not because I didn’t think I was capable but because I simply did not know how. Here I was, 23 years old, a new grad nurse, who did exactly what I was told to do. Get good grades. Get a good job. Yet I was struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, stressed out of my mind.

I always wanted to be successful but was often bombarded by negative thoughts; maybe it wasn’t in the cards for me. It’s easy to put yourself down when comparing yourself to those who are successful, isn’t it? You may find yourself saying, “I’m not smart enough. I’m lazy. I’m not as good with people as that CEO. I’m not attractive enough.” The list goes on and on, and I hear it from people on the regular.

What most don’t realize, however, is you are only viewing the end product of success. You don’t see the sleepless nights a famous author encountered writing shitty manuscripts. You don’t see the 4 practices a day a world-renowned basketball player went through refining their skills. You don’t see the countless “no’s” a salesman got before that one life-changing yes. I didn’t realize this until I was 27 and started rubbing shoulders with people who were multiple 6, figure earners. 

Money alone was never the goal for me. Accomplishment and financial freedom to live life on my terms was. I then learned success leaves clues. If I could emulate exactly what a mentor did in the areas I wished to succeed, I, too, could become successful. 

We all start from different levels of the totem pole.

Some are natural-born leaders. Artists. Athletes.

Some came out of the womb with a life purpose. I will say, however, the opportunity is available for all because hard work will always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

We can learn this lesson from Michael Jordan, who didn’t make his sophomore basketball team in high school. It was then I realized these successful people were no different than me. The only thing that separated me from them was time and the fine-tuning of a set of skills I could also possess in the arena I desired if I were driven and patient enough.

I am by no means where I want to be in life, but for the past 8 years, I have been hard at work, growing and building what I feel defines success in my eyes.

And we all have our own definition of success. It is never right or wrong. Just simply the destination you choose to arrive at. I am not the product of luck or unusual circumstances but an innate drive to want the absolute best for myself. To me, there is no other way. Any other alternative is unacceptable.

My point in writing this is if you are getting in your own way of what you feel success is and what living life on your own terms means, it is exactly that.

Only YOU are in your own way. You’re an inspirational friend or a good book away from also inheriting the skills and ideas you need to make all of your dreams come true.

The question you have to ask yourself is, how hungry are you?

Is the pain of staying where you’re at greater than the pain of wanting to change? Think about a goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish but have not followed through on due to fear or lack of belief in yourself. There is no such thing as dreams out of reach. They are only out of reach because you decided they were. There is always a way to achieve what you want. And you will always find it if you desire it enough.

The longer you sit on the fence of your dreams, the more life will continue to pass you by. My biggest fear is being at the end of my life and having a bunch of “should haves” and “could haves.”

I would rather have the pain of failing than never trying in the first place.

Rewire the philosophies inside yourself that tell you you aren’t good enough or that life is too hard. That’s cowardly, and You’re stronger than that. Write out your goal, find a mentor, read relevant books, and implement a concise, structured plan to make it a reality.

What do you have to lose?

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