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October 26, 2018



4 Ways to Stay Connected to Family While Traveling

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It’s not an uncommon complaint to hear that there is difficult for travel nurses stay connected to family. When we talk to our travel nurses about what they love most and least about the lifestyle, the responses are pretty universal. The travel itself and helping those in need top the list of what they love, and the least popular thing about these trips? Leaving loved ones behind.

If you are not able to travel with your family, saying goodbye to them for 13 weeks can be difficult. But it’s not impossible. That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog to tips and tricks that will help you stay connected while traveling. Find out how you can maximize everything that’s great about travel nursing and share it with the ones you love most.

TIPS: Travel Nurses Stay Connected to Family

Make the last couple of days count.

If you’re headed out of town soon, don’t be afraid to go out in style. Spend your last days with your family enjoying a fun activity. Go to a ball game, the amusement park or whatever you most enjoy doing. Make the moments count, and they’ll have memories to savor while you travel.

Set aside time to connect.

Your life at home falls into a familiar pattern, and the same can be true while you’re traveling. Set aside an hour or two each day — at a time that works for your loved ones and your schedule — to connect, and honor this schedule no matter what.

Utilize technology.

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected while you travel. From Skype and text conversations to sharing pictures of your adventures, keeping your family in the loop constantly is quick and easy, so be sure to communicate and send them images of your smiling face whenever you can.

Plan a trip.

There’s no law that says you have to be without your family for the entire duration of your travel. Before accepting the assignment, make plans for your family to come and visit you during your assignment. Whether they stay with you or book a hotel of their own, having them in the same city will be great. Plan the visit around a break in your schedule and you’ll feel like you’ve all traveled together to enjoy a vacation.

What ways do you use as a travel nurse to stay connected to your loved ones while traveling? Let us know.

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