Self-Care Tips for Managing Mental Health and Increasing Wellbeing

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By Karl Murphy

December 11, 2021



5 Self-Care Ideas for Managing Mental Health and Increasing Wellbeing

Self-care and mental health are essential for anyone that wants to live a happy life. An extensive definition of self-care means taking an active role in safeguarding one’s well being and happiness. Below you will find 5 great self-care tips for travel nurses to manage their mental health.

It’s about putting yourself and your mental health first in times of stressful occurrences. As simple as it sounds, several people struggle with sufficiently taking care of themselves.

5 Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

General self-care includes getting adequate sleep, eating well, and exercising. But when it involves the stability of your mental health, it goes beyond that. To this end, we’ve put together five useful ways to manage your mind and improve your wellbeing.

Stop Putting Yourself Down

Often, people who suffer verbal and mental abuse for so long find themselves believing the negatives about them. It creates an inner voice that criticizes their every move and decision.

You find that rather than talking yourself up, you put yourself down. This profoundly affects one’s self-esteem and sense of self and will continue that way if left unchecked. It’s time to take back the power!

Just because someone else puts you down with their words and action doesn’t mean you should do the same to yourself. For every no and negativity thrown your way, you should replace them with positive words of affirmation.

Worry Less About What People Think

It’s easy to get carried away with what’s on social media and unconsciously pressure yourself to measure up in today’s world. Do away with fears of missing out, and quit acting like others are the judge and jury of your life.

Focus on you, what you like, and what makes you happy. For people to see you the way you want, you must first see yourself the same way. Develop a strong sense of self-love that doesn’t need validation from anyone.

Do away with people who put you in a place where you have to seek their approval. Surround yourself with those who appreciate and lift you.

Learn New Skills

According to the National Health Service UK, research has shown learning a new skill improves mental health and wellbeing. It boosts self-confidence, helps build a sense of purpose, and connect with others.

There are several ways to achieve this without having to sign up for a skills acquisition workshop. You can:

  • Learn to cook something new, most preferably healthy meals.
  • Take on a new responsibility at work like mentoring a junior or intern.
  • Work on a DIY project around your home. Fixing something yourself is an excellent way to boost self-esteem and confidence.
  • Use a language learning app to study a new dialect.
  • Take on a new hobby like blogging, or join the podcast trend, talking about things that matter to you.

Note that the above are just suggestions, and you should do them only if they interest you. The key is knowing you can learn anything you set your mind to and finding what works for you.

Set Realistic Goals

Goal setting is where several people shoot themselves in the foot. They fail to make it realistic, and when they don’t achieve it, they beat themselves up about it. According to the Awareness Center, the gap between expectation and reality is often a factor in mental health issues.

Not achieving your goals may trigger bouts of depression. You feel like a failure, like someone who can’t achieve anything and become anxious. You can fix this by setting realistic goals and not looking for perfection like top foreign brides searching for a wedding dress. High expectations equal too much pressure, which is terrible for your mental health.

Cherish Every Moment

Most people fret so much about the future that they fail to appreciate the moment. Paying attention to the present improves your mental wellbeing and general wellness. Be thankful for each day, and cherish the moments you create.

Be in tune with what your body and the world around you need presently, and leave tomorrow’s problems till they happen. This form of mindfulness will help you enjoy your life and understand yourself better. It will also help you address challenges more positively.

It’s All About You!

Your mental health and wellbeing are all about you and no one else. It’s called self-care because no one else can do it for you. So, start with these tips, and live each day putting yourself first, keeping in mind that there’s no one like you in the world.

We hope you found these self-care tips helpful. Do you have any self-care tips to share with your fellow travel nurses? Comment them below.

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