RV Travel Nursing: Pros and Cons of RV Travel Nursing

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By Susan Keller

May 16, 2022



Pros and Cons of RV Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can take sightseeing to a whole new level, considering the different states you get to work in. While it has some great pros, it also comes with a set of cons. That said, you have to weigh them to see what works for you before choosing.

If you love to travel and see new places, travel nursing can be the choice of work for you, but if being outdoors and on the move is not your cup of tea, you should stick to a permanent residence as you tend to your nursing duties.


Travel nursing has its share of benefits, especially on your finances and enabling enjoying different cultures while on the job.


While a travel nurse does not get to apply for paid-off days, you can arrange your calendar so that you can be on vacation during the summer. The flexibility ensures that you control the time you are available to work. If you want to work six months or ten months, that’s entirely up to you.

Great Pay

Traveling nurses enjoy impressive compensation packages wherever they go to work. Chances are, when an institution is looking for more staff, you will receive a higher salary package. With travel nursing, you can earn a six-figure salary.

Avoid Work Politics

Given that you will be working on a contract basis, you will not be staying at one place for a long time. By the time you get used to people, your time will be up in that institution and on your way to vacation or a different institution.

Travel with Your Belongings

One of the major advantages of travel nursing is the provision of traveling with your belongings. Think of it as having your home, whichever state you work in. The principles of packing or unpacking your belongings, similar to when you say in a motel or apartment, do not apply to travel nursing.

Job Security

Travel nurses are always in demand. Whether a certain place faces shortages of nurses, chances are, with the right experience, you will get the job. The security reduces the uncertainty of you being out of a job.

You Get to Travel

Traveling and enjoying your new location is a plus for travel nursing. You can choose an activity that will take your mind off of work and help you relax on your off days. If you love to ride bikes, remember to bring one along. In case you don’t have one, think of buying it.

While scouring the internet, we realized that many people don’t know how to select a bike that fits their needs and financial standing. From tire sizes to disc brakes, you can choose the perfect bike for yourself. Fortunately, we found a great list of rugged gravel bikes under $1000. Other useful links include:


Even though travel nursing has some awesome pros, it also has cons that you should bear in mind when you contemplate joining other traveling nurses.

Varying Pay Rates

Since you will be working in different states, your pay will vary greatly and lead to differences when filing your taxes. Such a situation can be daunting, and you might need to hire a professional to file your confusing taxes.

Unfamiliar Environments

With the movement from one state to another, no place will be familiar like home. The constant change of locations will always expose you to new areas where you have never been. If you love adventure, this might not be so bad, but you will need some time to familiarize yourself. 

License Issues

Licensing can be tricky to deal with when working in multiple states. The application and approval can be quite a process when submitting verification documents. The process can be quite daunting in instances where you cannot use a compact license but have to apply for a new one.

Final Thoughts

If you are an outdoorsy person, travel nursing can be a suitable job. Considering the job’s flexibility, you can choose which activities to engage in. Whether you want to go camping or to the beach, you choose your location when applying for the job.

If you get rough terrain, get yourself a gravel bike that will help you navigate as you go sightseeing and enjoy yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the pros and cons of RV travel nursing. Do you currently use your RV for your travel nursing assignments? Comment some pros and cons of RV travel nursing you have found, below.

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