Rural Assignment: Reasons You Should Take a Rural Assignment

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By LRS Healthcare

August 25, 2021



Reasons You Should Take a Rural Assignment

This article was provided by LRS Healthcare.

Healthcare travelers land their next new adventure every day from coast to coast, but not every single one is in a major U.S city. Many take fantastic assignments in smaller cities surrounding major cities or even choose to take a more rural route. Traveling to the countryside can be fulfilling to any traveler if you look at the opportunities and doors it may open.

Explore the big city on the weekends

Most rural towns have a major city within a few hours of accessible by car or train. Connect with our travel experience team to hear more about what the city near you has to offer to plan a fun long weekend. You can experience city life from time to time while still enjoying the perks (and pay) of a rural assignment. Maybe you’re able to make it into the city for a concert one night or a farmer’s market on the weekend. The opportunities are endless when you can live the best of both worlds (city life and rural life)!

More broad clinical experience

Most rural travel assignments allow you to build your resume with a wide variety of experience versus sticking to one specialty area at a big city facility. There may not be a full staff of physicians, allowing nurses and staff to have more autonomy or more responsibility. This allows you to gain deeper knowledge in your career through hands-on experience. Expanding your area of knowledge will help you better handle situations you have not come across before. There’s also a wide variety of patients’ conditions that will come through a facility. You don’t see the same type of patient every day, and it can help you become a more well-rounded professional.

Slower paced and less stressful

Living outside of the city limits often allows for a lower number of the patient census. This means that hospitals are not at full capacity 100% of the time but may see spikes in patient numbers during peak seasons such as the winter for flu or respiratory issues. A rural assignment could be the answer for your next assignment if you’re coming from a level l trauma facility and need a change of pace or if you’re trying to avoid burnout from a high-volume facility.

Patients who truly appreciate your work

Facilities in smaller population areas gain a closer relationship with their patients. This allows a traveler to adapt to the facility faster by potentially seeing patients throughout their care more than once or twice. Community members appreciate someone coming to their “small town” and taking the leap of faith to provide care to a group that they may have never interacted with.

The facilities in the more rural areas need fantastic healthcare workers ready to provide care for their community and keep them safe and healthy, just like people in the city. You can gain more insight and experience in your career, enjoy the best of both worlds, and know that your work is truly appreciated when you’re doing your part with a smaller population. Ready to look for your first or next rural travel assignment? Give us a call or reach out to us to see what LRS Healthcare has to offer in your favorite state or region!

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