Nurse Recruiter: Tips for Finding the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter for You

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By Jennifer Traub

October 22, 2021



Finding the Right Travel Nurse Recruiter for You

There is a lot of buzz around picking the right recruiter for a travel assignment. As a nurse who has been a traveler for more than 5 years, here are some tips I have picked up on how to choose the perfect one.

Their approach shouldn’t be “salesy”

You are not buying a car, so a recruiter’s approach shouldn’t be “salesy.” They do not need to “pitch” you. The assignment and the criteria you need speak for themselves. I find it ingenuine if you are being approached with sales tactics, and I wouldn’t want to work with that person.

Choose a reputable company

I would find a recruiter working for a reputable company. Onward Healthcare, Prolink, and Host Healthcare are some of my personal favorites. I have worked with these companies for multiple contracts and have always had good experiences.

Maximize your pay package

A recruiter should look to maximize your pay package. You are traveling away from home and uprooting your life. I think it is important for a company to consider and accommodate you with travel expenses and potential interim travel expenses if possible.

You should be able to have a good rapport with your recruiter

You should be able to have a good rapport with your recruiter. They should be a partner and a friend. Chances are, you will need some guidance when on assignment at some point. Whether it being you decide you need health insurance or you didn’t receive your paycheck. A good recruiter should be receptive and accommodating. They should be able to resolve your issue or point you in the right direction to someone who can. A recruiter who neglects to answer your texts or calls means they are only out for the money and do not have your best interest at heart.

We hope you found these tips for finding the right travel nurse recruiter for your helpful. Do you have any tips for finding a travel nurse recruiter? Comment them below.

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