5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Nursing Resume: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Karl Murphy

November 23, 2020



5 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Nursing Resume

Travel nurses are in high demand due to the pandemic and other issues. Instead of being hired simply by one hospital, travel nurses get appointments from the nursing staffing agency. They are sent to places where there is a huge demand for medical help.

For example, a medical nurse can be sent to another town, state, or even country. It’s also common to send medical help to various hospitals, depending on the need. It’s a pretty common demand currently, and tons of nurses seeking to get the job. With huge competition, you need to be careful when creating a nursing resume. Read some tips that will help you get the dream job.

Avoiding Mistakes

So, medical nurses may work in the same town but different hospitals depending on the demand. Or they can travel within a country or even visit other countries. It sounds like a dream job for those who work as nurses. The first and most important advantage of such a job is that it helps to fulfill the need to help people.

Instead of staying in the same workplace where there are no emergencies, you may help somewhere where it is needed. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity to meet new people, you can travel to new places, etc. It sounds amazing and that’s why there are so many resumes. It seems that it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd, but here are some pro tips to get the post.

Include Your Licenses And Certifications

Just like CSGO and other bettors would love to make sure the websites have all the required licenses and certificates, head hunters need those details too. You may think it’s a given that you have BLS and ACLS certifications, so you don’t include these details in your resume. And see, that’s where you are wrong.

There are tons of resumes and headhunters may automatically decline resumes based on various characteristics. The absence of BLS or ACLS certifications may be one of such characteristics. So include these details or it may cost you a job position.

Too General Descriptions Of Job History

You wouldn’t dare to copy-paste someone’s history description. But making it too general might seem like copy-paste. Take some time and think about your medical experience. Give some unique specifics and a clearer picture of what is your medical experience. Here are some questions for you to answer:

  • What’s your overall medical experience?
  • Do you have any nursing travel experience? And if you do, what was it?
  • Do you have float experience? And if you do, what kind of experience do you have?
  • You have worked in one or several hospitals; what was the trauma level that you worked at?
  • At certain job positions, what skills have you managed to master or started working on?

Upon completing this short questionnaire, you will see that your resume looks more appealing and shows your skills.

Unique Summaries

You might think it’s ok to create a resume and come up with just one summary for every case, but that’s not the case. If you are sending out resumes to different hospitals, you must check out each hospital’s requirements. Then come up with a unique summary for each hospital regarding what they need. That will grant you better chances that the headhunters notice your resume and read it.

Emphasize Your Travel Experience

Most hospitals avoid giving positions to nurses who had no travel experience. That’s why it is so important to highlight that you have at least some travel nursing experience. Make sure you list all your work travels to increase your chances. Even if your trips may seem not impressive, no travel nursing experience at all might make your chances near to zero. So think carefully and add everything you can to your resume.

Omit Typos And Errors

You would think that headhunters pay attention only to your certificates, licenses, medical experience, and other related skills. But if you have typos or mistakes in your resume, it shows that you don’t pay attention to detail. And a nurse has to be thorough and detail-oriented when it comes to working. Make sure you proof-read your resume before sending it to potential employers. You can even use various spell-checking programs that will make your life easier.


It takes some time to come up with a quality resume. But think of it this way – a good resume will guarantee you get your dream job position sooner, whereas a simple resume will lead to you seeking a job for months. Try to put a second thought into the process of creating a resume; it will be worth it. Avoid typos and do not generalize your medical experience. If your resume is unique, you stand out from the crowd and get better chances of getting a job.

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