Rental: 3 Quick Strategies for Making Your Rental Your Home

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By Jackson Nurse Professionals

August 2, 2021



3 Quick Strategies for Making Your Rental Your Home

This article was provided by Jackson Nurse Professionals.

As you move from assignment to assignment, not having your things around you can increase occasional feelings of loneliness and even mental fatigue. Adding your own personalized touches to your temporary housing can make you feel more comfortable, and most importantly, at home.
Whether you’re in an Airbnb, renting a room, or renting an entire pad, these are quick, cheap, and easy ways to bring home to wherever you are.

Try removable wall decals!

When it comes to decorating your rental, the idea of doing an accent wall with removable wallpaper sounds great… until you realize how long it takes to do. Instead, use removable wall decals as a quick and easy fix so that you’re not surrounded by plain, gloomy, off-white walls. There are so many options out there now for sticky wall decals; you’re bound to find one that fits your personal style perfectly! Adding a fun accent wall is an excellent way to brighten up your space, add some color, and make it feel more like your space. Not only does it install and remove easily without damaging the walls or leaving them sticky, but you can also reuse the decals in your next rental. Carefully peel the decal from the top corner and pull downwards towards the floor to prevent stretching and misshaping. You can either keep the original paper backing or use wax paper to keep it fresh for your next home!

Add Light Acrylic Frames & a Wall Mosaic to your suitcase

Staying in a rental or an Airbnb, it’s not the best idea to cover the walls in thumbtack or nail holes from hanging up all your favorite photos. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your family photos with you! Utilizing light, portable, floating acrylic frames allows you to display as many photos as you want while not destroying the walls, weighing down your moving boxes, or needing to worry about breaking glass when it’s time to pack up. You can even purchase prints or print larger photos to split between multiple frames, making a creative and edgy large piece of art. Add more color or personal touches to the house using burlap, patterned cardstock, or Con-Tact paper as a background for a smaller photo! You can also use a portable wall mosaic, so you can display 50 photos without needing to put 50 holes in the wall. Keeping photos of your loved ones around will help you feel more relaxed and at home.

Invest in compression storage bags to bring blankets & pillows

We know that you need to pack lightly so you can easily pack up and move to your next assignment location. But, using a vacuum compression storage bag can allow you to bring some of your favorite home comfort items with you. You don’t’ even need a vacuum; many now come with a handheld vacuum sealing pump, perfect for travelers. Utilize these bags to bring your own decorative pillows or some throw blankets for your rental! These small touches will help your space feel more comfortable and homier during your short stay. You can also pack a duvet cover that can easily be slipped over a comforter to add a personal touch to your bedroom without having to sacrifice the space for a huge blanket in your suitcase.

Don’t just store your things, display them!

It’s the little details in your space that make it feel like a home! Utilize the space that you have to display some of your personal items rather than store them away. Command hooks are a cheap and easy way to hang necklaces and bracelets without destroying the walls. Get creative with your jewelry displays by using simple mesh bookends to easily organize your earrings and add some color and personal touches to the room! You can also use a modern but easy to breakdown and transport clothing rack to display some of your favorite clothing items while also freeing up space in the closet.

When you’re not at work or exploring your new city, these decorative touches will help you feel comfortable in your temporary home. Create your own sanctuary that feels like home to you, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed after a long day at work.

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