Recruiter Relationship: Why a Great Relationship Matters

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By RTG Medical

November 1, 2022



Why a Great Relationship with Your Recruiter Matters

RTG Medical provided this article.

As a traveling healthcare professional, it’s critical to have a great relationship with your recruiter. Traditional recruiters find candidates for permanent positions, whereas recruiters for the best healthcare travel companies work together with their healthcare professionals on an ongoing basis. Contracts are typically 13 weeks, and what helps your recruiter find the right assignment each time is getting to know you.

RTG Medical knows how important relationships between our traveling healthcare professionals and recruiters are. A good relationship allows you to get the most out of your career and overall leads to your success. There are several characteristics that create a strong relationship with your recruiter. Let’s walk through them and discover the benefits of a solid relationship.


Key characteristics of a good traveler-recruiter relationship

The key to any strong relationship is communication. This is the same for traveler-recruiter relationships. Having open communication while you’re trying to get the position will ensure your recruiter knows you’re engaged throughout the process. After you accept the contract, let your recruiter know how it’s going and provide them with any updates. Continual communication helps build a successful partnership. It’s also important to establish preferred communication methods with your recruiter.

Transparency, trust, and honesty are a few other characteristics necessary for a good traveler-recruiter relationship. Transparency and trust go hand in hand. Let your recruiter know if anything good or bad happens while on assignment. The more your recruiter knows, the better they can assist you from contract to contract.

How to build a strong relationship with your recruiter

When you become a traveling healthcare professional with one of the best healthcare travel companies, you’ll need to ask questions and set expectations with your recruiter. When you sit and speak to a recruiter for the first time, be sure to let them know exactly what you’re looking for in a job. Think about what specialty and location you want to work in. When you’re shown contract options, ask about pay, insurance, benefits, how many days of orientation, time off policy, and perks. This all helps you find the perfect contract to fit your needs best.

Being prepared and staying organized will also help you and your recruiter stay on the same page. Your recruiter works to make sure the process is streamlined and that everything goes smoothly for you. As you hop from one assignment to the next, you will develop more skills and life experiences. Your part is to ensure your skills, licenses, records, and other documents are up to date.

Benefits of a solid relationship with your recruiter

The benefits of a good relationship with your recruiter include knowing someone always has your back, being supported in your job search, and having someone to help you understand and negotiate contracts. If you’re stressed about an upcoming assignment or run into any issues, you can count on your recruiter to alleviate some of the stress and to be there for you from the beginning of the contract to the end.

Recruiters in the traveling healthcare industry will help you schedule interviews, choose the proper placement, and guide you through the rest of the process. If you’re looking to find several successful assignments and create a lasting partnership, a traveling healthcare staffing agency like RTG Medical can ensure a good experience!

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