Private Housing vs. Shared Housing - What’s Best for You?

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By Furnished Finder

July 22, 2022



Private Housing vs. Shared Housing – What’s Best for You?

All travel nurses must face the same daunting question when it comes to planning their housing for an assignment; Should you rent private housing or a shared home? It’s a question that comes with many pros and cons, so let’s break it down. 

Private Room, Shared Spaces

When the idea of shared housing is brought up, we know that many people immediately think of college dorms or rentals. But this is a different situation and a completely different lifestyle than college days! Many homes are available for rent (check out Furnished Finder!) with individual private rooms and shared living and kitchen spaces. 

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Pros of a private room- shared spaces:

The cost savings is the first and arguably largest advantage of renting a room within a shared home. Prices for private rooms are typically much lower than renting the entire home as the expenses are shared and split up between tenants. We know travelers and travel nurses have budgets to keep in mind, which is a great way to save some money on rent!

Another great perk about renting a private room within a shared home is the chance to meet other travelers or perhaps residents of the local area. Some homes are rented to all travelers, and other homes may have long-term tenants or even the owner residing in other parts of the home. What better way to meet new friends and get the scoop on the local areas than to live with someone?!

Cons of a private room- shared spaces:

Sometimes there can be a conflict with roommates or those sharing a living space. However, this is much less common with professional roommates. Be sure to set clear expectations and have an open and respectful line of communication; many conflicts can be avoided before they even happen.

Entire Homes- private housing

Just like it sounds, renting an entire home means that it’s you, you, and only you (or perhaps you and a spouse or family member!) in the home. No sharing of common spaces – everything is yours!

Pros of entire homes:

Total privacy! Although it may seem obvious, this perk is a big perk for those who may have varying hours, work nights, or just tend to be more private travelers. You won’t need to worry about potentially waking someone else up if you’re headed in to work late (or early!), and vice versa if you are trying to sleep. 

Additionally, with an entire home rental, you can live according to your own habits without worrying about others who you live with. Keep the thermostat how you like, clean it on your own accord, etc. As long as you are within your lease limits, you get to determine how you keep things! 

Cons of an entire home

When you’re the only tenant, you’re also the only one to assume all housekeeping responsibilities. Any terms agreed to in your lease are on your shoulders. This may not be a big deal for some, but for others, it may be difficult with schedules and workloads. Remember that different types of homes require different types of maintenance (and per your lease). An apartment may have minimal outdoor upkeep, for example, but an entire single-family home may require you to do yard upkeep if agreed upon. 

Whichever you prefer – a private room within a shared space or an entire unit (private housing) – find a home that excites you! On Furnished Finder, you’ll find everything from apartments and townhouses to single-family homes, cottages, back houses, and guest suites! You may even find an RV or a tiny home!

Our job board is a great place to search for your next travel nurse assignment. We have you covered with our housing page if housing is an issue. You can search for what you are looking for.

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