Would You Be The Perfect Person For a Travel Nursing Career?

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By James Baxter

September 3, 2020



7 Signs You Would Be Perfect For a Travel Nursing Career

For those who enjoy taking care of people and exploring new places, a traveling nurse’s career can be the perfect combination of life purposes and unique experiences. Becoming a travel nurse is an excellent opportunity to practice, discover other cities, and make decent money. Such a job is more useful and responsible compared, for instance, to the job of essay writer. So, it involves a higher wage and additional bonuses.

A travel nurse needs to have a relevant diploma and at least one year of work experience. You can get a job in different regions of the US and even abroad. Travel nurses usually deal with specialized agencies that help them find suitable positions. In the US, travel nurses are offered temporary and short-term appointments that generally last about 18 weeks. International travel nursing programs usually last up to two years.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a nursing career salary is over $ 70,000 per year. The duties of a travel nurse also differ according to specialization, type of medical facility, and work schedule. You may wonder, “How can I write my essay online about travel nurses?” Well, the profession of a travel nurse is not for everyone. Let’s find what personal qualities are needed for successful travel nursing career paths.

 travel nursing career

Flexibility and Empathy

Regardless of specific responsibilities, flexibility is the key feature for a travel nurse’s career. These nurses have to adapt very quickly to different medical institutions’ policies and, possibly, to the culture of another country. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the patient’s feelings. The nurse has to show concern and compassion, as well as provide sick persons with quality care. A good nurse has to understand and listen to each patient without judgment of a different set of values, attitudes, and religious beliefs.

Stress Resistance

A travel nursing career requires distinctive and strong character traits. Emotional stability is a skill that can be acquired. However, this takes time, experience, and patience. That being said, emotional stability should not be confused with a lack of empathy and compassion. The daily work of a travel nurse is associated with challenging situations. Given the constant psycho-emotional stress, the profession of travel nurses does not fit for faint-hearted people. So, it will not be easy for ambitious people to work in such a position.

Communication Skills

An ability to find a common language with the patients and their relatives is one of the crucial requirements of a travel nurse. It does not mean that she should always agree with the opinions of other people. A nurse’s communication skills can be manifested in different ways. A simple smile can give the patients a feeling of comfort as they know the nurse will surely take care of them. Perfect nurses also master other communication styles, and not all of them are verbal. It is necessary to communicate in a way that will make the patients feel at ease and confident that they are safe.

Fast Response

Oftentimes, nurses have to react in the event of an emergency to provide timely assistance and follow the attending physician’s orders instantly. When it comes to healthcare delivery, attention to detail is critical. Even in the busiest and hectic environment, a nurse makes sure that all the instructions, the correct dosage of medication, and accurate records are followed. An excellent travel nurse should be able to make decisions quickly. The nurse has to find an individual approach to each patient. She is often required to find creative ways to change the situation for the better.


A good nurse should be a good psychologist. She needs to find ways to support sick persons, help with competent actions, and inspire them with encouraging words. It is known that the success of treatment much depends on the patient’s mood. An international travel nursing career requires an understanding of what is right and what is wrong from a moral point of view. Only open-minded and kind nurses can provide effective, culturally competent, and patient-centered medical assistance.

Critical Thinking and Responsibility

Critical thinking is the ability to assess reality objectively and draw rational conclusions. Thanks to this disciplined and patient-directed approach, the nurses can interpret data, prioritize patient’s needs, and accurately solve complex clinical problems. Although travel nurses most often act as part of the medical team, their work is autonomous in many cases. Their professional decisions are their sole responsibility.

Perfect Health

A travel nurse’s job is difficult not only because of the emotional but also physical stress. Frequent travel and irregular work schedules require good physical endurance. When assisting in a complex operation, the nurse has to stand in one place for a long time. Of course, some nurses’ positions require less strenuous physical activity, such as administrative. However, a nurse needs to be prepared for any workload to respond effectively to emergencies.


If you do not have some of these basic skills, you can still become a travel nurse by improving yourself in these areas. The main point is the desire to change and move forward. You can learn more about the moral and professional principles needed for travel nurses in the Ethics Code of the American Nurses Association.

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