Paranormal Activity: Travel Nurse Edition

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By Amber Pickler

October 29, 2021



Paranormal Activity: Travel Nurse Edition

It is that time of year again. Spooky season! We all love a great paranormal activity story! As travel nurses and healthcare workers, you know first hand that many hospitals and facilities exhibit paranormal activity. We went through a few posts in our Facebook group and found some stories of paranormal activity we wanted to share with you!

Paranormal Activity

“You scared the little boy away!”

One of my two jobs was working in a nursing home that used to be the old 3 story hospital. Code pad to get elevator controls to work. One night door alarms went off on the 3rd floor; no one should be up there. 2/3 of the staff went upstairs on each end of the halls; nurses went up the elevator. Pt in w/c was found at the top of the stairwell, wheels ready to go off. We got pt safely back to the first floor and asked how he got up to the 3rd floor; he couldn’t reach code pad. He said, “the little boy stood on my knee and put the code in; he was here to take me home” (wasn’t the first time “the little boy” showed up).

The same patient was admitted at the hospital (my other job), so I took him. I walked into his room in the middle of the night; he yells at me, “YOU SCARED THE LITTLE BOY AWAY” Not on my watch, little man. The next night I came into work and found out he had passed about 30 minutes after he asked the CNA to go get the little boy because he was ready to go. When seen the little boy would “take them home” – Kelly Emmons

FEMA Hospital

There was an old run-down hospital that was abandoned and turned into a covid FEMA hospital. I worked there for 8 weeks. Every night I would walk by this unit that was at one point open but now closed, and I would see a lady completely thin as a rail wearing a gown and walking across the hall from the patient rooms to the sitting area where there was a TV. Only the guide lights were on, so it was dim but not dark down that hall, but I know what I saw.

Also, the elevator would randomly stop and open on the same haunted floor, sit there for a minute, and then close and not move until you hit floor 4 again. – Travel RNJ

Black figure

Sooo this is in LTC. I’m a daylight nurse but picked up a night shift. So, I’m walking down the hallway doing rounds, and I hear running water in the very last room. Meanwhile, the residents that were in that room were unable to ambulate (late-stage dementia) anyways; I went into the room and heard the running water; it was in their bathroom the water was on full blast. I thought to myself someone must have left it on after caring for one of the girls. Well, I walked back up the hallway, and something made me turn around, and the light flickered down by their room. I decided to walk back down, and the pt who NEVER EVER moves was Laying sideways in her bed, blanket drug across the room, and the light next to her bed was on.

So, I called up the hallway and had one of the aids come to assist me. We get her readjusted. I’m freaked out at this point. But I gotta job to do so I carry on. I walked up to the other end of the hall, and all of a sudden, me and the aid heard a scream. It’s from the first room on the hallway. We went into the room, and the resident is FREAKING saying, oh my god, it was black. He’s coming for me; it’s coming for me. Scared to death, he was saying a demon or something was coming for him. One of the coworkers was outside smoking at the time, and she said without knowing what was going on, she saw a black figure crawl into “homies” room. It scared her so bad she died out her cigarette and ran back into the building.

I’ve never worked another night shift on that hall again. There is an ominous feeling when it’s night. – Brook Brice


One time I had a dying patient. Her daughter was with her, so I would administer the proper meds and do care but left them to their privacy otherwise. I was at the nurse’s station charting and another CNA, and I heard someone whistling a wedding tune down one of the hallways. All of the residents down that hallway had dementia and were not able to whistle. We confirmed everyone was comfortably sleeping. Then the daughter came out of the room 20 mins later and stated her mother passed 20 minutes ago. I told the daughter about the whistling song, and she said she thinks her dad came to get her mom to help her cross. So sweet –Christina Knorr

Have you experienced paranormal activity as a travel nurse? We would love to hear your stories! Comment them below.

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