Nurses Week: What Can You Do To Celebrate?

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By TheraEx

May 11, 2022



What Can You Do To Celebrate National Nurses’ Week?

TheraEx Staffing Services provided this article.

From compassionately assisting with life-threatening medical crises to advocating for the health of their patients during their most vulnerable moments, nurses perform some of the most difficult tasks in the medical world. National Nurses Week honors the contributions and sacrifices nurses make day in and day out and reminds us to thank the medical professionals that work so tirelessly to keep us healthy. With so many healthcare workers risking their health to care for the many communities impacted by COVID-19, the celebration takes on added meaning. Whether you come from a family of nurses, have friends in the nursing field, or you simply want to thank local nurses for their efforts, your support means more now than ever. Here are five ways you can thank the healthcare heroes in your local community for serving their patients with devotion, the utmost care, and exceptional professionalism as they continue to protect our health and safety during a global pandemic.

Be Understanding

Many healthcare workers have risen to the occasion of providing quality care to their communities throughout the pandemic. Nurses and other healthcare workers have taken on extra shifts or put in extra hours to ensure they are able to take care of their patients. If a friend or loved one is in this situation, be mindful of what they are going through and make sure you are not asking or expecting too much of them.

Send Flowers

Sometimes simply saying “Thanks” doesn’t feel like enough. Show some love to a nurse in your life with fresh flowers to show your appreciation for going above and beyond to help you or support you. Flowers like hydrangeas and roses are just the flowers for National Nurses Week because they symbolize gratitude, grace, beauty, and courage.

Donate a Meal

Nurses work long hours with few breaks. What better way to show appreciation and say thank you than with food? Due to COVID-19 protocols, if you’d like to donate a meal to healthcare workers, make sure it’s from a restaurant. Understandably, most hospitals are not accepting homemade goods currently, but many local restaurants are offering free deliveries. A hot meal from a restaurant can provide a sense of normalcy and some much-needed nourishment during a busy shift.

Handwrite a Note or a Card

Cards are a personal way to show someone that you appreciate them. In today’s world, instant communication through emails, social media posts, and text message is commonplace, while receiving a handwritten card or letter is rare. Handwriting a letter to express your gratitude could provide extra motivation for a nurse to continue moving forward during these trying times in the era of COVID-19.

Leave Positive Feedback

Nurses might not realize that the work they do each day is appreciated unless you tell them. Many nursing units provide incentives to nurses who receive positive patient feedback. Call the unit, ask for the charge nurse, ask for the patient feedback email or phone number, and put your experience in writing. Your positive feedback can brighten their day and remind them that their profession to care for others has made a positive impact.

Nominate a Nurse for a DAISY Award

Nurses go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional care. The international DAISY award program celebrates nurses’ extraordinary clinical skills and the compassionate care they provide to their patients. If your life has been touched by an extraordinary nurse, nominate them for a DAISY Award to recognize the admirable attributes they possess.

Being a nurse is often physically demanding and almost always emotionally taxing. Nurses are caregivers, mentors, and leaders, steering the profession towards excellence in patient care and compassion. Today and every day, we thank each and every nurse for their tireless commitment in delivering outstanding patient care. You are our heroes.

We hope you enjoyed this article from TheraEX Staffing Services. What are some ways you like to celebrate Nurses Week? Comment them below.

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