Fall Back in Love with Travel Nursing: Tips for Nurses

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By Soliant Health

February 10, 2021



Fall Back in Love with Travel Nursing – Five Reasons Why You Started in the First Place

This article was provided by Soliant Health.

No doubt about it, 2020 was rough. It was rough for the average human, much less those working in the healthcare field, especially nurses. It could’ve been the hardest year of your career and challenged you in ways you never thought possible. It might have very well been the fight of your life. Yet, here you are. You made it. Let’s not pretend that 2021 isn’t shaping up to be just as…interesting, but never again will you be caught off guard like you were in March of 2020. Never again will you think, ‘well, that can’t happen’ because now you know it most certainly can, and best of all, you most certainly can handle it. The downside of all this empowerment and growth is, you may be feeling a bit tapped out. Maybe even like you’re at the end of your rope with all this ‘humanity’ nonsense and having very clear and present thoughts about going off-grid and forgetting the world exists, and we wouldn’t blame you.


We would like to remind you of that little kid who made up their mind about the rest of their life so young, people were shocked when you made it happen. Or that high-schooler who applied to the school of their dreams…and got in! Or that grad student who thought they would never see the light of day again, but they did. And that very first day, of your very first assignment, when you took a deep breath and knew it had all been worth it. Whether you’re a life-long travel nurse or just getting started, there is a reason why you choose this field, and now is a great time to remind yourself why.

It’s Exciting:

You’re not built for a desk job. Sitting in an 8×8 cube and staring at a screen all day would drive you crazy, and you know it. It’s something you knew pretty early on too. Your mind can download and process information quickly, and as such, you require more stimulation than the next person. New cases, new patients, and new opportunities every day invigorate you. Now, add in the travel aspect of your career choice, and you’re right where you need to be, wherever that is.


For 18 years in a row, nurses have been rated the most honest and ethical profession according to Americans’ Gallup surveys, outpacing doctors by 20 points (and members of Congress by 73). In a world where people don’t trust anyone, they trust their nurses. They listen to their nurses. They respect their nurses. Your integrity and professionalism proceed you from assignment to assignment, and you’ve earned that respect. You should be proud of yourself. We sure are.

Job Security:

Stability appeals to you. Nurses and healthcare professionals will always be in demand. It is a recension-proof (and we now know apocalyptic virus-proof) field of study. 2020 taught us that while always in demand, the healthcare field can change just as quickly as any other profession. Being a travel nurse means you’re ready to go where you’re needed and, as such, are a precious resource. In fact, one article referred to travel nursing as ‘the hottest job during a pandemic,’ and the need keeps on growing.


There’s something to be said for a flexible work environment, and this control over your schedule is important to you. You chose nursing because it offers multiple opportunities for flexibility in scheduling, work settings, and specialization. Medical facilities need someone 24-hours a day and typically base work shifts and days off according to the facility’s expected demands and employee requests. Travel nursing opens this door even wider for per diem and PRN assignments, allowing you to take control of your career path and take time for yourself and your mental health. (Not last year, of course. But usually.)

To Make a Difference:

Hands down, the number one reason nurses in all fields across the globe give for choosing their profession is to make a difference in the lives of others. Like this nurse in Nebraska who stopped on the way to her daughter’s wedding to save a life or this nurse in Indiana who saved a life while volunteering, stories about nurses going above and beyond the call of duty flood the internet. This is your calling. This is what you were made for. This is your bag, baby.

Here at Soliant, we have a saying, a motto if you will. We make life better for those who make lives better. We see you. We see you going above and beyond every day. We see you hanging in there when others might have thrown in the towel. We see you making life better for everyone, and we think it’s time someone helped make your life a little bit better too. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help manage your travel assignments, putting your focus back on what you’ve always loved: saving this crazy world – one patient at a time.

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