Conference: Attending Nurse Conferences in a Post-Pandemic World

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By CareerStaff Unlimited

July 21, 2022



On the Road Again: Attending Nurse Conferences in a Post-Pandemic World

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Many things distinguish travel nurses from others. A sense of adventure, a drive to help people, a thrill of new places — and of course, a mission to travel that isn’t just unchanged in the face of COVID-19 but all the stronger because of it.

During the pandemic, travel nurses were on the road more than ever before. So, hitting the nurse conference system this year may seem like pretty standard procedure. But even if your travel lifestyle hasn’t changed much in recent years, the world itself — and day-to-day travel — definitely have. And for nurses who haven’t traveled lately, those changes could be even more striking.

With that in mind, before heading off to TravCon 2022 in September, or whichever nursing conference you choose to attend next, let’s look at how Covid-19 has changed the travel and events scene and what to expect if you’re traveling this summer or autumn.

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Getting to your nursing conference

Masks are no longer required while flying, nor are vaccinations or negative Covid tests. And the amount of people flying in the summer of 2022 is back to about the same levels as before the pandemic. With that in mind, those who haven’t stepped into an airport since before the pandemic may not notice too much change.

As for travel this summer, you can expect the usual at American airports — long lines and frequent delays. As usual, it’s best to arrive early and have a backup plan. For those looking to reduce hassle and lost time, consider getting TSA PreCheck® status to skip the security lines. Some travel groups, like Orbitz, offer PreCheck status as perks to frequent flyers. 

From the Disaster Nursing & Travel Nursing Conference 2022 in Amsterdam to Women’s Health – Global Nursing-2022 in Osaka, nurses who want to attend conferences in different countries have a rich variety of options to choose from. And attending one of these events can be a great way to scratch your itch for international travel while still working on your career goals.

Before traveling internationally, you’ll want to check the entry requirements for each country you’ll be visiting (even if it’s just a stopover). You can find these with a quick Google search or by visiting the U.S. State Department’s website.

And remember, while most countries have eased COVID-19 restrictions (including the U.S., as of June), many others haven’t. Even if it’s just a stopover, these restrictions could seriously impact your schedule. Search Google for your destination airport’s website to keep an eye on potential delays, cancellations, or strikes (which can be common in Europe).

What to expect at — and how to prepare for — your next nursing conference

Once you arrive, you’ll want to make the most of your conference attendance and do what you can to respect local rules and guidelines. Here’s a quick checklist before you travel.

✓ Respect local mask and social distancing rules.

While most public life in the U.S. is now mask-free, many hospitals and healthcare settings still require them. On top of that, many professionals working in healthcare still prefer to wear masks at gatherings. Take a moment to double-check the conference guidelines, and consider wearing a mask even if it’s not suggested.

✓ Earn credits when you can.

Most conferences offer the chance to earn educational credits by attending certain sessions or workshops. Be sure to take a few of these sessions to earn credits toward a certification or skill to get real career value out of your conference experience.

✓ Get up to date on tech or best practices.

One of the biggest benefits of attending nursing conferences is staying up to date with new skills, research, technology, or best practices — which can be critical to growing your career in an industry that’s preparing to live with Covid-19 in the long term. Take the time to seek out a session or speaker offering specific insights into skills you want to develop.

✓ Network and make friends.

As a travel nurse, making new connections is a big part of the job description and is necessary for each new assignment. But during Covid-19, there hasn’t always been the chance to make friends amid the chaos. At travel nurse events like TravCon, you’ll have the chance to meet other nurses who love traveling as much as you do and strike up lasting friendships.

✓ Enjoy yourself!

Some people love attending conferences. But for others, it can be a chore to sit through session after session of discussion and presentation. To help get you though, plan some form of entertainment in the evening in order to have something to look forward to — and to seize the opportunity to get in some real relaxation while you’re away from work.

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