Enjoying New York City During a Winter Assignment

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By Katlyn Eriksen

November 20, 2022



Enjoying New York City’s Lesser Known Magic During A Winter Assignment

As one of the biggest cities anywhere on the planet, New York City has a chronic shortage of good-quality medical workers. Indeed, according to Spectrum News NY1, that’s been the case since the 80s, when nurse shortages were described as an ‘emerging public protection issue.’ As such, there are few better places for good work, both in terms of As such, there are few better places for good-paying work, both in terms of consistency and volume. New York City is, of course, a huge place with countless sights to see. However, underneath the bubbling surface of the metropolis are a number of exciting sights that can be experienced while still enjoying the necessary downtime that nursing requires.

Smells, sounds, and Socrates

Just over the East River from Manhattan in Queens, and within that, a lesser-known gem of a natural attraction. The Socrates Sculpture Park is listed by Time Out as one of the top fourteen lesser-known New York City attractions, and for good reason. An example of fantastic urban regeneration, the site actually sits atop a disused landfill. It offers amazing local artwork and sculptures, plus views over Manhattan that aren’t to be sniffed at.

There is also a huge range of plants and flowers to get acquainted with in what is something of a wild landscape. Don’t underestimate the power of nature and natural sensations in the relaxation process – individual floral scents and herbal compounds can delicately impact the mood. It’s why a bath at a luxury hotel is also one of the best ways to unwind after a tiring day working in the medical field. At Socrates Sculpture Park, those scents will be even easier to pick out of the crisp air in winter.

Out of the cold

New York City gets bitterly cold in winter. The snow is something to behold, but, at times, the freezing rain and wind can put a real damper on the trip. It’s important to get out of the cold, then, and to experience the city’s more cozy side.

According to City Signal, one of the best places to do that is The Back Room. An authentic speakeasy from the prohibition era, it has retained the charm and bohemian culture of the era. With a brick fireplace and old-fashioned vintage furniture and music, it’s a real way to experience the joy of New York City life with a serious sense of older era class.

Lapping up the history

New York City has an iconic theater scene that many flock to the city just to see. What about the other side of the curtain, though? It has been the dream of countless thespians to get a taste of what Broadway is all about – and, increasingly, that’s something becoming available to the average person.

According to a roundup of hidden gems in NYC, North Jersey online highlights the increasing number of fully behind-the-scenes tours popping up. They do, of course, cost money, but there are increasing studios and production companies that will give full access to their production areas and the real sense of what it takes to make a show. This gives you a chance to enjoy some of the histories of New York City that made it more than just a center of business, but an international cultural capital, too.

For a traveling nurse, New York City has a lot to offer. In the vastness of the city and its cultural landscape are embedded hidden gems that can give an incredible sense of time and place – marrying relaxation with intrigue.

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