Make Travel Nursing Fun: 2 Secrets to Working ‘On the Road’

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By Elizabeth Scala

December 30, 2021



Make Travel Nursing Fun: 2 Secrets to Working ‘On the Road’ with Enthusiasm

The following is a Guest Post via Elizabeth Scala:

Travel Nursing Fun?

Traveling is fun. No doubt about it. In fact, one of my ‘heart’s desires’, ‘big money whys’ or vision work is: to travel.

My vision boards are full of pictures of places I’d like to go, cut-outs of maps for trips I’d like to take, and so forth. What’s a vision board? Great question- in a moment, I’ll share more detail.

When I travel, I’m always learning. I immerse myself in the culture by finding interesting people to talk to, visit with, and share space. I love hearing about and seeing the world from their perspective. Even when I travel locally, I always come home a brand new woman, filled with a refreshed energy for life.

So what’s this got to do with nursing? Especially if you’re traveling for work?

Here are two ways to bring this enthusiasm for travel to travel-nursing and make travel nursing fun!

Let’s start with vision boarding.

The conventional way to create a vision board is to get an armful of magazines, a blank larger poster board, and an open mind and heart. What you want to do is flip through the magazines, looking for words/photos/images/colors/anything that jump out at you.

Cut out pictures of things you want to be, do, and/or have in your life. Take words and/or sayings that inspire. Make it pleasing to your eye because what you do next with the board is the most important part.

You can also do a vision journal. Write out your vision of what you want to be, do, and/or have in the first person, present tense, as if it’s already happening to you. You can do this daily, every so often, or weekly. It’s up to you!

When you have your vision, you want to own it. As I wrote about the journal, you want to experience it as if it’s already happening. This is key. So once you have your board (or whatever sort of vision creation you’ve made), you want to visualize the things on the board as though they are already yours. Feel them when you bring strong emotion to anything. Your much more likely to receive it!

A second way to bring enthusiasm and energy to travel-nursing is through those lasting relationships you make.

I’m just coming back from a conference, which I’ve attended every September for three years now. And every single fall, I have a new vitality for my work! What’s happened is I meet new, exciting, and supportive people at this event.

I come home with heart-based connections I can call upon when I am down, frustrated, or lost. It’s always great to know that guidance, mentorship, and help are just a phone call or email away.

As you travel through nursing (quite literally in your case), be sure to invest the energy, effort, and time into building supportive relationships. And if you ever feel lost in a new place you’re at… you can always turn to this ever-growing space of virtual support.

The Gypsy Nurse has created an awesome space for travel nurses here on this blog. Other nurse entrepreneurs have done the same in their field. Even me, I’ve created a virtual conference for nurses that helps us to refresh, renew, and re-energize our passion for our work!

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