Landlord: Want to know what your landlord says about you?

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By Furnished Finder

January 21, 2022



Want To Know What Your Landlord Says About You?

Oh, if we could only be a fly on the wall when it comes to what landlords say about travel nurses… That’s exactly what we’re going to do! A recent survey from Furnished Finder, the leading travel nurse housing platform, asked landlords what they like about renting to traveling healthcare professionals like travel nurses. Here’s what they had to say.  

What a delight

Nurse to Nurse…What a delight to receive a Housing Request from Furnished Finder. A first responder looking for a house to stay for a few months. She is a travel nurse needing a better space than a hotel room with a limited space. I was grateful to host her. As a nurse myself, I was able to anticipate her housing needs responded to her questions and concerns quickly as possible. Above all, this was a great opportunity to host and support our first responder. Times like this, all we need is someone to listen to our concerns and fears as we face this terrible time of the pandemic. Not only did I provide her a place she called a temporary home, but I also gained a friend! – Jane Scritchfield 

Teacher turned landlord

As a teacher, the greatest way to make a positive impact in my community was to host travel nurses via Furnished Finder. My current travel nurse has grown to be like a sister to me. It’s not just about the money, but the relationship that grows when another professional who is dedicated to helping others is living with you. It has changed my life!! – Kathryn Moore 

I get to meet interesting people

I have been renting rooms in my house through Furnished Finder since 2018. I have had about 12 travel nurses, lab techs, and other professionals from many different parts of the country. I get to meet interesting people (and cats, dogs, and ferrets) and make money from my house at the same time. – Nancy Fiske 

The best top-notch guests

What I love most about renting on Furnished Finder is being able to meet different people from all over our country. I also love how my guests are travel nurses. In my opinion, they are the best top-notch guests you can have as a landlord. During this pandemic, it has been a pleasure to make them feel at home, a home away from home. I will continue to host on Furnished Finder and tell other landlords about it all the time. – Jennifer Golden 

I fell in love with a travel nurse

I started renting my house on Furnished Finder when I fell in love with a travel nurse. Because my job allows me to work remotely, I am able to take my work on the road and travel with her. Therefore, my home is available to rent to other travelers in search of short-term furnished rentals. I’m new to the scene, but I’ve only had positive experiences so far. It also helps that my home is only a mile away from a hospital…which is how I met my partner. She was looking for a place to live near the hospital, and a mutual friend knew I was looking for a roommate. And the rest is her-story. – Trina B. 

I too am a travel nurse

I’m a travel nurse and have listed my property, and my Condo stays rented out while I am on the road. I love the platform. So easy to screen potential renters. – Judith Lycan 

I get to meet dedicated nurses

I enjoy being a landlord through Furnished Finder due to the ability to meet interesting and dedicated nurses that are doing their part to give back to others. I am amazed at the professionalism and dedication of those that have stayed with me. I have had three travel nurses stay in my home over the last year or so, and each one of them have their own unique qualities that give me faith in our healthcare system. They are not only dedicated to their profession, but they are making sacrifices for their family by being away and serving others. It has been refreshing to meet the individuals that have stayed with me, and I will always provide a home to those nurses that need a place to stay while working here in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas.  – Steve Heim 

My best friend is a travel nurse

I got involved with Furnished Finder because one of my best friends is a travel nurse. My husband and I have a 4-bedroom home with the bedrooms being used only occasionally when family visits. So we started the adventure this year with a tenant, and it is working out very well for us. We get to supplement our retirement income with very little effort. Our current tenant has been with us for almost 6 months on an extended contract, and we love her. We enjoy the interaction but respect the privacy of our tenant and believe we provide a safe and clean respite for the hero in our midst! – Helen Sayes 

Very little housing in my area

I have THREE travel nurses staying with me in the Augusta, Maine, area. They say there is very little housing in this area…I am so thankful for Furnished Finders and for the fact that I can help these three lovely ladies!!! – Judith Nuber 

Absolutely fantastic tenants

Finding out about Furnished Finders has been one of the best things to happen to me in a good long while! I own 3 furnished condos and have been renting them to tenants I’ve found on Furnished Finders for the last 6 months or so. All of my tenants- so far- have been travel nurses, and most all of them have been absolutely fantastic tenants- professional, responsible, conscientious, caring, and great communicators. I so very much appreciate what nurses and medical staff are doing- these days more than ever; it’s wonderful to be contributing in a small way- by providing a beautiful place they can call home away from home for the few months they are on their traveling assignments.   The Furnished Finders website and the smartphone app make communication easy and convenient. The amount of inquiries I receive along with tenant leads is phenomenal. Furnished Finders, thank you SO much for providing a great service and terrific tenants! – Paul Torok 

Amazing travel nurses at my home!

I have had 100% occupancy with amazing travel nurses at my home! Everyone has been a great tenant, and they’ve all left the house in perfect condition! I live furnished finder!! – Maureen Fitzpatrick 

Heaven sent

Travel nurses have been Heaven-sent. Nurses need a quiet, close, secure, CLEAN place to stay, so fur us, it’s a win-win! We are getting a QUALITY renter, and they love our beach location. – Nicole Trotter Henry 

I was a Travel Nurse.

I know the struggles of finding a place to rest in a new location every 3 months so when I finally settled down and bought my house, I decided to rent a room to fellow Travel Nurses and make them feel as comfortable in my home as if they were my own family and it worked! I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I’m happy, they’re happy, and it’s all good! – Angie Mahan 

All have been awesome

I have rented to several travel nurses and medical techs. All have been AWESOME. The fact that they are background checked, drug tested, and make above-average salaries gives me a sense of security and confidence. They have all come from Furnished Finder!! Thanks.  – Sandra Sorrells 

I decided I needed a roomate

Renting through Furnished has been a great experience for me. I bought a home in a very expensive market (Austin, TX), and the mortgage is a huge burden on a nurse’s salary. I decided I needed a roommate in my three-bedroom/two-bathroom house, but I love having my own space. I also have my house decorated the way I like it and don’t want to accommodate someone else’s furniture, art, etc.; a few friends of mine who are travel nurses suggested Furnished Finder. I love the flexibility of sharing my home for several months and then taking a break between tenants if I choose to. I live very close to several hospitals, so it’s convenient for those staying with me. I have actually had fun setting up the room and bathroom to be cute and cozy—I try to have everything set up so that my tenants only have to bring their clothes & toiletries. By providing laundry detergent, cleaning products, TP & paper towels, and putting flowers, candles, or other welcoming touches in the guest rooms, it is such a small expense to me that goes a long way to make things easier and nicer for my guests. Sharing my home has also given me a push to continue my efforts of home improvement—fixing up my patio & backyard, hanging outdoor lights, repainting the shed, getting a new TV and dining table, among other things. The extra income has allowed me to hire housecleaners which makes my life easier AND is a great bonus for my guests. Now that I am sharing my home with renters, I feel like I always need to keep my home “company ready.” One unexpected bonus is that I have made a few great new friends who I never would have met otherwise! – Elizabeth Stephens 

The smartest thing I can do

Renting to travel nurses and medical people is the smartest thing I can do with my completely furnished rental apartment. Furnished Finder makes it easy and more affordable than other agencies I have used. The medical people are immaculate and appreciate the quiet and convenience of my location….near 3 hospitals and in a quiet and safe neighborhood on Lake Michigan – Sunny Boehme. 

Great place to find potential renters

Furnished Finder has been a great place for us to find potential renters. My wife has been a travel nurse for many years and has used Furnished Finder to find housing. We live in the panhandle of Florida, and when hurricane Michael came through, we had to have a big restoration done to our home. We decided to take that opportunity to update the 2 rooms upstairs and use them specifically for renting. Now we receive inquiries almost weekly about our rooms whether they are occupied or not. Now we are looking at building tiny homes and renting those out using Furnished Finder. We feel very secure using this site because we know upfront that the people requesting housing have a job, that the job is for at least 13 weeks (most of the time), and even if they are not nurses, they are working professionals. We will never not use Furnished Finder if you rent your property and want to do it safely. Furnished Finder should be your go-to. – Michael Covington 

It is a win-win

I have been using Furnished Finder for 6 months and have helped travel nurses have safe and affordable housing while also being able to help me pay down on my mortgage! It’s been a win-win! I’ve met some very cool nurses and have had a blast exchanging stories and getting to see more about the nursing industry. – Junior Fifer 

I felt compelled

I have been a super host with AirBNB until the pandemic hit. It was then that I started to look elsewhere and ‘discovered’ Furnished Finder. I felt compelled to do this as a service to healthcare workers in my small way. Since then, I have had a good experience with travel nurses and will continue to do so. They are superstars to me. – Rosemary Rausch 

We hope you enjoyed reading what landlords had to say about hosting travel nurses and working with Furnished Finder. Are you a landlord? Do you use Furnished Finder? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. If you are interested in being a landlord and listing with Furnish Finder, click the link in the next paragraph.

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