January Assignments: Your Guide To Booking Travel Assignments

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By StaffDNA

November 27, 2023



Travel Nursing & Allied Guide to Booking January Assignments

StaffDNA provided this article.

‘Tis the season, travelers! January assignments are on the horizon, and it’s time to prebook to lock down the best contracts or find promos or bonuses. This year, many travelers aren’t happy with January assignment rates, especially considering the high cost of lodging and living arrangements. With a little strategy, paired with choosing the right agency and technology platform, travelers can find what they’re looking for.

The following is a guide for locking down your ideal January assignment.

january assignments

Look out for bonus incentives.

Some agencies are stepping up and giving travelers a raise through promos. Are you determined to book an assignment someplace with a high cost of living? Find the highest rate for the job, and then see who tops that off with a bonus! Just make sure to pay attention to the promo rules to make sure you get the full amount.

Allied? Find an agency dedicated to Allied travelers.

Some agencies are more equipped than others to work with allied professionals and allied travelers especially. Find an agency that has an entire department dedicated to broadening their allied job board, as well as recruiting teams specifically dedicated to placing and advising allied professionals in all modalities.

Shop around for the highest pay.

Now is the time to compare what different agencies are paying for the same travel assignments. When it comes to pay, not all agencies offer the same rates, and not all agencies are as transparent about pay and benefits. There can be drastic differences in what one agency offers over another. Get on multiple job boards! Compare rates and find your best bet. Just make sure you know how much you’ll take home!

january assignments

Find an agency that does it all.

The holidays are not cheap. Some agencies offer perm and per diem options in addition to travel and local assignments. If the agency you’re traveling with offers per diem opportunities, your compliance and credentialing are already on file, making you ready to pick up per diem opportunities available near your assignment. This is a great way to make some extra cash! You can also ask about an assignment’s overtime pay and opportunities.

Get out of complacency & search for a wild card assignment.

Travelers like to explore by nature. You’re bold enough to enter an entirely new work environment. Feed your inner wanderer by looking into assignments in locations or facilities you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. If you usually take a January assignment in a big city, where it’s warm, shake up your routine. Find a high-paying assignment in a location and facility that offers you a new experience. Sometimes embracing a true winter, with snow and overcast skies, hot chocolate, and skiing, is perfect for slowing down and reflecting.

Strengthen your resume/build your skill set.

In a travel job market, some seasons are better than others for finding assignments that have the pay you want in the locations and settings you want. Sometimes, an assignment that refines and sharpens your skill set or builds up your resume is a smart way to narrow in on what to look for in your next assignment.

Inquire within.

At the risk of sounding Zen, don’t forget to ground yourself in… well, yourself. Your time between assignments and when searching for your next assignment is exactly the right time to touch base with how you feel, not just about your career but in the broader scope of your life and all you hold dear. Sometimes, career takes the front seat, and sometimes, it’s good to reconnect with yourself before you make another big career decision. Where do you want to be? What is important to you right now? What kind of workflow or setting do you want or need in the coming months?

The assignment you truly want is out there, but time is of the essence! Start searching and applying today!

Our job board is a great place to search for your next travel nurse assignment. We have you covered with our housing page if housing is an issue. There, you can search for what you are looking for in housing.

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