Hobbies to Do in Your Free Time While Traveling

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By Providence Health Care Staffing

January 17, 2024



Hobbies to Do in Your Free Time While Traveling

Providence Health Care Staffing provided this article.

As a travel healthcare worker, having the ability to travel the world is one of, if not the biggest perk of traveling for a profession. However, depending on your work and rest schedule, you may find yourself a bit bored at times. Sometimes, being in a new place, away from friends and family, can urge you to fill your time with something a bit distracting or exciting – a new hobby, perhaps. Listed below are six ideas of hobbies you could pick up while on your traveling adventures.

Hobbies for travel healthcare professionals:



Now I know what you’re thinking: you may not have an expensive camera and lighting – that’s okay! If you have a phone, you can capture your moments. When you start taking photos as a hobby, it allows you to see the beauty in little things. Like your brunch and iced coffee, a new street that you’re walking down for the first time in a city that you have never been to, a flower that is growing that doesn’t grow in your hometown. Interestingly enough, when you look back on the pictures you captured, you’ll remember memories that you normally wouldn’t have.


Every spot that you go to has something unique about it that it is known for. For example, Georgia has the peach, and Idaho has the potato. Other countries even have these niches as well. To help you remember these interesting places that you go to, try collecting something from each destination. This could be a trinket, a stamp, a magnet, even a rock – anything that you want! Sometimes, just being on the hunt for these collectibles is most of the fun. You will be surprised at the things that you can acquire, and somewhere down the line, your family members may want certain ones.


If you are in a new area, take time to figure out what the signature dish is there. Culturally, for years, locations have adapted different food types down the line. Expand your pallet by trying new meals wherever you are. I mean one of the best things about traveling is – the food! Try something that you can’t get at home. Then, make it a goal for yourself to make the dishes that you like so you can enjoy them even when you leave!


Dancing, for many of us, is out of our comfort zones. Like many of the things listed, dancing styles also differ culturally.  For example, if you are in Alabama or Arkansas, you may want to try a real square dancing class. Or, if you are in Kentucky, you might try a clogging class. And, of course, it broadens even more when you go out of the country.


Traveling can help you broaden your talents. How many of your friends can say they took a real Shag or Polka class? Plus, dancing is proven to be a stress and anxiety reliever as well as a great source of exercise. Even if you aren’t fond of dancing, you don’t have to be perfect at it. It is the mere idea of learning something, getting yourself out there, and moving your bones!

Learning a new language

Whether or not the location that you are in speaks a different language than yours, learning another language can be beneficial to you. Not only is it a great expansion of your mind, but it can connect you to others and their cultures. Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone are features that you can download straight to your phone and allow you to practice linguistics anywhere you are. Learning a new language can open new opportunities for you as well. For instance, you could be an interpreter for spoken languages or even American Sign Language. Overall, learning a new language is beneficial no matter what!


Reading is a piece of locational art. It’s a physical piece of time-stamped cultural history. I suggest learning about what kind of books and articles stimulate you and making yourself a “TBR” list, which means “To Be Read”. This would be a list of books that you would like to make a goal to read, it could be made on preference, location, history, and so on. Reading is a great escape, and a mind cleanse from reality while you are on assignment. Expand your mind!

Learning and trying new things is one of the most exciting things in life! You work hard as a travel healthcare worker, it is important to find little pieces of pleasure where you can. That could be any hobby, even hobbies not listed here. Remember to take time for yourself and to find new things around you wherever you go, happy hobby-ing!

We hope you found this article on hobbies to do in your free time while traveling helpful. Have you picked up any hobbies while on your travel healthcare adventures? Comment some of your favorite hobbies below.

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