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By Kevin Devoto

November 4, 2020



5 Tips For Staying Happy and Healthy as a Travel Nurse

If you’re a nurse hoping to get into the traveling medical profession, you probably have a lot of questions. While the career is exciting and full of unique opportunities, it also brings some unique stressors and can be difficult if you’re not properly prepared. As a nurse, it’s vital that your health is in top shape as you travel. This article will help you find ways to stay happy and healthy and at the top of your game as you prepare for takeoff.

Tips to help you stay happy and healthy

1. Stay Healthy

It’s difficult to stay on top of your nutrition while traveling, no matter where you’re going. As a nurse, you’re probably accustomed to putting aside your personal comfort in order to provide care for your patients. But maintaining your health starts with making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need throughout the day. If nutritious options aren’t available where you’re traveling, you might want to try a vitamin supplement from Nucific, derived from real fruits and vegetables. This is an easy way to stay on top of your vitamins as you travel, no matter what the food options might be.

2. Plan Ahead

There are probably a lot of items on your packing list as a traveling nurse. Everything from immunization records to address updates needs to be completed before you take off, especially if you’re traveling out of the country. Your new job will probably require you to bring documentation with you on your first day, so make sure you have sturdy folders and binders to keep your papers wrinkle-free on the journey.

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin preparing for the job, as a lot of necessary to-do items will require a few months to complete. You might want several lists of what to do a year, a month, a week, and a day out from takeoff. This will help you to avoid becoming frazzled and stressed, and will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep leading up to your big move.

3. Ask Questions

A lot of possible fears and stressors around starting a new job are in the what-ifs. By becoming comfortable with asking your recruiter any questions you might have, you will be able to avoid a lot of nerves leading up to the move. It might feel daunting to ask questions if you don’t think they’re important, but remember that everyone had their first day at some point and you’re in a very normal position.

If possible, try to make contacts with other nurses at your new posting before it begins. This will help you to feel like you already have friends, a great way to avoid homesickness and feeling lonely in a new location. You’ll also want to review any documents and policies that are sent to you, to avoid unnecessary mistakes and embarrassments in your first few days.

4. Track Your Wages

Part of taking care of yourself as a traveling nurse is making sure you’re advocating for yourself at all times. Whether you’re working overtime or on holidays, make sure each paycheck accounts for the extra pay you may be owed. Make sure your contract has been signed before you pack up and leave home, and make sure that the contract has everything you need to have to feel safe and happy with the new job. You might love your work and your patients, but working for free and being taken advantage of can seriously derail your happiness with a position.

5. Get Time Off

You may feel like this is thinking too far ahead, but if you know in advance of the job starting date that you’ll be needing time off, make sure it’s in the contract. By having it written in stone, you won’t have to inconvenience anyone with your time off, and you’ll be guaranteed that time no matter what the circumstances are at your post.

These tips are a great starting place for you to begin planning your career as a traveling nurse. Use them to make sure that you’ll be happy, healthy, and ready to thrive at your new job.

We hope you found these tips for staying happy and healthy as a travel nurse helpful. Do you have any tips to help fellow travel nurses stay happy and healthy? Comment your tips for staying happy and healthy as a travel nurse below.

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