From Staffer to Traveler: Stories on Making the Leap

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By Fastaff Travel Nursing

September 23, 2019



From Staffer to Traveler: Travel Nurses Share their Stories on Making the Leap

This article provided by: Fastaff Travel Nursing

Whether you’ve been entertaining the idea of traveling for years or you just discovered the exciting world of travel nursing, making the leap into this unique career path can bring a myriad of emotions to the forefront. Whatever season you find yourself in during your nursing career, the idea of becoming a travel nurse can feel incredibly daunting.

To help bridge the gap between the fear of the unknown and the excitement of new experiences below are a few stories from nurses who have already taken the leap to share why they made the switch from staffer to traveler and how it helped them grow their value and earn their worth.

Stories from nurses who have already taken the leap

Shari E., Travel RN, says:

“I am absolutely a traveler for life and loving every minute of it. I initially made the big switch because of its adventurous appeal. Traveling to new places on someone else’s dime and making a good living seemed like a no-brainer. In addition, I knew I needed a bigger challenge. I felt insulated at the hospital where I was at and was ready for a change.

“After my first assignment, I was hooked. I’ve found I love seeing different parts of our country and exploring all its nooks and crannies. When I’m on assignment I have the opportunity to absorb new cultures, taste all types of food, and I get to see some pretty amazing places.  

“Traveling has also impacted my nursing practice. I feel I am a much better nurse than I ever was before. My skills have been enhanced by the many people I have had the privilege to work alongside of. I have also learned the fine art of flexibility and the skill of how to play well with others. I wouldn’t trade these experiences, good or bad, for anything. I have become confident and strong because of those encounters. Looking forward to my next adventure!”

Danielle R., Travel RN says,

“I love the freedom of traveling and meeting new people while learning new techniques and ways to practice. Most importantly, I get to impact someone’s birth experience in a positive way all over the world.”

Justine O., Travel RN says,

“I left my five-year old sitting on the living room floor at 5:30am Christmas morning to go to work for 12 hours in a level 1 trauma ICU. I swore I’d never work another Christmas again. I’ve been a traveler, distance and local, for 18 years. [I] only work holidays now if I want to for the money.”

Making the switch from staffer to traveler can be a catalyst for career growth and personal development.

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