Fitness: Keeping in Shape is Essential to Your Health and Wellness

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By Kevin Devoto

September 7, 2022



Keeping in Shape is Essential to Your Health and Wellness While Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is a rewarding field that is also strenuous. These nurses fill temporary positions in high-need areas to help local medical professionals meet regional health care demands. A travel nurse spends many nights out on the road. This puts stress on your body and health. Here are some benefits of staying fit while working as a travel nurse.

Boost Your Energy

A regular fitness routine will help improve your energy and reduce symptoms of fatigue. When you travel, you risk being sedentary for long periods. This can make you feel less energized. Regular activity, such as a carb cycling workout plan, is an excellent way to combat this. You can incorporate your workout for a time that is best for you. Getting your body moving creates energy that will provide an immediate spark for you and increase your stamina over time.

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Stave Off Illness

Exercise has also been shown to help people fight off illness. A fitness routine can improve your immune system by keeping your body working in optimal condition. Working out regularly can be beneficial in managing chronic illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure. If you are working on a temporary assignment where your services are needed, you will not want to be sick while you are on location.

Keep Your Weight Healthy

While traveling and working under stressful conditions, you may not have time to focus on your diet. You might have to eat when it’s convenient, and the offerings may not be the healthiest. One way to mitigate eating on the run or not eating optimal foods is to exercise regularly. A healthy weight will also help you keep chronic medical conditions under control and help avoid developing new diseases.

Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

Traveling by itself can be very stressful and cause a lot of anxiety. If you are at a location where you do not have regular social interactions because you do not know anyone, you may also be prone to depression. Exercise is an excellent way to help deal with any feelings of anxiety or depression you may have. Working out boosts feel-good chemicals in your brain that can improve your mood instantly. You will also feel more relaxed and less anxious after exerting yourself.

Improve Your Sleep

If you travel regularly, you probably experience disruptions in your sleep. In addition, you may work odd hours as a temporary nurse. You want to take whatever steps you can to improve your sleep quality. Exercise is proven to help you sleep better. Sleep is essential for your daily functioning and overall health. 

Increase Your Strength

Working out will help you build and maintain muscle mass. This will allow you to become stronger over time. Your daily nursing activities will be easier to get through if you have stronger muscles that can operate efficiently. Strength training can improve your balance to help you avoid falls.

Bolster Mental Acuity

Working in a demanding field like travel nursing may leave you feeling burned out mentally at the end of your day. Exercise has been shown to improve your cognitive function. This can help you with planning your day and switching between tasks. A regular fitness routine can also benefit your ability to focus when needed.

Travel nursing places many demands on you with traveling and working long, arduous shifts. Taking care of your body is extremely important to stay mentally and physically healthy. You will want to keep a routine to get maximum benefits from exercising.

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