How To Find A Dentist In An Emergency Situation as a Travel Nurse

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By Mike Khorev

June 1, 2021



How To Find A Dentist In An Emergency Situation

Dental emergencies can happen all the time. It does not matter whether it is daytime or nighttime, and they require immediate attention.

Most people would wait to get an appointment with their respective dentists. But, keep in mind that emergencies, like infections and displacements, should not be waited out.

This post will help you when you should go to an emergency dentist and how to find one during emergencies as a travel nurse.

When To Seek Emergency Care: Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Here are the most common types of dental emergencies. If one of these things happens to you, you should call or visit your dental clinic as soon as you can:

    • Toothaches

Toothaches can be daunting. When you have it, it impacts almost every aspect of your life.

The causes usually involve dental abscesses or infections. Severe decays and nerve irritations are also sometimes the cause of toothaches.

It is worth noting that these causes should be dealt with, as much as possible. Once you feel the pain, it will not go away even when you take pain relievers as they are not permanent solutions.

    • Broken or Cracked Teeth

A broken or chipped tooth should be checked as soon as possible by a dental expert. The earlier you receive the treatment, the better. This is because the dentist may still be able to reattach the broken piece, and it is much more ideal than taking the tooth out and replacing it with an implant.

    • Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is another dental emergency that you should take care of as soon as you can. If you go to a dental clinic within an hour, it is still likely possible that the dentist may re-insert the tooth into the socket and save it.

If you waited it out, the socket will be filled with debris and even possibly bacteria that may cause infection. Moreover, there is less chance that the dental expert will be able to save the tooth and reinsert it into the socket.

    • Lost or Damaged Filling

When you lose or damage a dental filling, you must take it immediately to a dental clinic, especially when you already feel intense pain. But, if there is no aching and the damage is only a crack or a chip, you may choose to wait it out for a regular visit in accordance with your appointment.

While waiting, you can keep yourself comfortable by placing sugar-free gum in the empty space. The dental expert will simply replace the filling during the treatment to resolve the issue.

    • Oral Infections and Dental Abscess

Oral infections, like a dental abscess, are another dental emergency that should be addressed and resolved immediately. They cause severe pain, and they can even be very dangerous, as the abscess may spread further into the nearby teeth or even your blood.

This is why when you experience a toothache; you must have it checked as soon as possible. In most usual cases, dentists resolve this by doing a root canal.

Tips To Find An Emergency Dentist

If you are looking for tips when looking for a dentist during dental emergencies, here are some points that you may want to keep in mind:

    • Choose Modern Service

There are tons of dental clinics available today. If you go to the city, you will come across tens of them along the way.

However, not all clinics and dental experts offer equal services. There are ones that will stand out, and those that are otherwise.

You have to ensure that you will be choosing the clinics that offer modern services. In most cases, these offices have complete services that can cater to any of your dental needs, and you will need these, especially during dental emergencies.

    • Look For Affordability

While costs should not be your priority during emergencies, it is still best to consider the overall affordability of the dental services or clinics that you are after. Most individuals do not have an extra budget to cover emergencies, like dental concerns. This is why it is essential to consider the cost-efficiency and effectiveness when finding a dental expert.

Choose clinics that work with your insurance carrier. Moreover, you will want to find a service that offers various payment options.

    • Choose Cleanliness and Safety

Cleanliness and safety should always be on top of the priority. When choosing or finding a dental clinic during emergencies, ensure to check the environment and instruments, as well as the staff.

See to it that everything is organized, sterile, and neat. As for the staff members, check whether they are wearing the right protective gear and accessories.

 Final Thoughts

Any emergencies should be attended to as soon as possible. These include any dental concerns because they may have impacts, as well, on your overall health. If you are not certain whether you need a dental expert as soon as possible, you may use this as a guide. But, you will know for sure when it is an emergency or not. Whatever the case, though, once you come across a dental problem, you should consult your dentist or the nearest dental clinic at your place as soon as you can.

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