Tips Traveling with Kids: Frequently Asked Friday

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By Amber Pickler

November 1, 2019



Frequently Asked Friday: Tips for Traveling with Children

We frequently see questions about traveling with children in our Facebook group. So, we have taken some of the most common answers and put together this article with tips for traveling with children so that you can find them all in one place!

Tips for Traveling with Children:

Use the hospital/facility provided childcare

In bigger cities and bigger hospitals/facilities, they often provide childcare, which, as many travel nurses have stated, often works better for their schedule because they allow for drop off and pick up that works with their 12-hour shifts. While this won’t work for everyone, it is a great option for those travel nurses taking an assignment in a bigger city at a hospital or facility that offers childcare.

Online Resources for Childcare

Online resources such as are great ways to find childcare. It can be nerve-wracking finding childcare, let alone in a new place. According to’s website, their data-driven insights help families narrow their candidates based on factors such as pay rates, location, family makeup, and needs. Also, their Safety Center provides guidance and resources, including access to background checks and a hiring guide and interview tips, to help families make informed hiring decisions. ” So, while they don’t do the background checks, they point you in the right direction. Other online resources for childcare offer a list of their top 11 apps to help find reliable childcare.

Extend your contracts when possible

Many travel nurses suggested extending your contract with your hospital/facility when possible. This not only means moving less but means you also don’t have to worry about finding childcare and medical care. It will take a lot of work off your plate and will mean less stress as well.

Plan ahead

We found a lot of comments suggesting that traveling with children and even babies is very doable! However, it does require more preparation than traveling without children. Many travel nurses even suggested going early to tour childcare facilities before your start date. Finding childcare is significant and the first thought that comes to mind when traveling with children. However, something that is often overlooked but just as important is good medical care, if not more important. You don’t want to wait until you need to see a medical professional find one. It is essential to plan these things ahead of time.

Of course, there are a lot of other tips out there for traveling with children. Have you traveled with children? Do you have some tips you would like to share? Comment them below. These articles also offer some advice when traveling with children or families: It Is Possible to Take a Travel Nurse Assignment with a Family, 5 Ways Travel Nurses Can Make Traveling with Family a More Beautiful and Less Hectic Experience, and Ask A Travel Nurse: Home Schooling Vs. Public School

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