Fall Nursing Must Haves: 9 of the Must Haves We Recommend

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November 6, 2018



Fall Nursing Must-Haves

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Fall is here. That means it’s time to break out the flannel, rake the fallen leaves, and gear up for some serious holiday prepping. Whether you’re embarking on your first or last travel nursing assignment, we’ve got just the things you need to make your fall season the most bountiful one yet.

1. The holy grail of fall drinks: the Pumpkin Spice Latte

In this day and age, there are very few things more representative of the fall season than the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  And it’s here to provide autumn warmth and a caffeine boost… for at least a few more weeks. Perk up for your next shift – be sure to grab your cup today!

2. The 2018 Fall Foliage Prediction Map

Want to be treated to a spectacular display of fall foliage? The Smoky Mountains Foliage Prediction Map lets you do just that… for free! Think of it as the weather forecast for foliage. Just slide to the date of your choice and find out the ideal time for catching peak autumn colors based on your destination.

3. A Wow-Worthy Non-Nursing Halloween Costume

As the inspiration to one of the most popular Halloween costumes in the U.S., nurses are no strangers to dressing the part. But if you’re looking for something outside of your wardrobe, consider these creative costume ideas.

4. Better-For-You Halloween Treats

Promote healthy habits among neighbors by ditching the usual sugar-laden goods for sanitizers, festive pencils, spooky stickers, plaque-fighting gum, all-natural candies, and other better-for-kids treats this Halloween. And for those working with younger patients, use spooky stickers as a reward for good behavior.

 5. A Library of Fall Memes Nurses Will Love

Had a tough shift and need a laugh? If you’re a true fall fanatic, these memes are as relatable as they get. If you’re excited about fall, make it known! Save and share with your friends and fellow nurses.

6. A Winning Thanksgiving Recipe

What better item to be on a list of fall nursing must-haves than Thanksgiving food. Thanksgiving food has earned a reputation for being rich not only in flavor but also in calories. After all, what’s a spread without sugary pies and buttery casseroles? It’s time to prove to your coworkers (it’s potluck season), friends, and family that healthy Thanksgiving food does exist! Impress them with these fantastic fall recipes that are easy on the waistline. You’ll have your guests saying, “there’s no way that was cauliflower!”

7. A Pumpkin Carving Nurses Can Be Proud Of

Fall isn’t complete without pumpkin carving. This is why it is a great fall nursing activity! Do away with classic Jack-o-Lanterns this year. Get creative and try a heartbeat pumpkin or use these nurse-related pumpkin carving templates to express your nursing pride. For something easy and equally festive, put that extra stethoscope to use – an easy prop that’s sure to be a conversation starter for your next fall gathering.

8. A Solid Black Friday (Cyber Monday) Shopping List

Have your eye on the newest fitness tech? Put those Thanksgiving calories to good use by making the Black Friday Shopping trek. These hard-to-find deals may be worth the long lines at the checkout. If you prefer to stay in and take advantage of free expedited shipping, be sure to keep an eye out for unbeatable Cyber Monday deals.

9. And last but not least… A Travel Nursing Assignment to Fall In Love With

Fall is the season of change, and there’s no better time to fall in love with a new travel nursing assignment than right now.

Which of the above have you already made a part of your fall plans? Be sure to comment below with your own fall-must haves and autumn favorites.

Photo By: Kenny Caraan (via Instagram)

We hope you found this list of fall nursing must-haves helpful. What do you think of our list? Did we leave anything off? Do you have any personal fall nursing favorites? Comment them below.

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