Extra Money: Making Extra Money While on a Travel Nurse Assignment

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By Furnished Finder

April 20, 2022



How Travel Nurses Are Earning Extra Money While on Assignment

There is so much to consider when you’re looking for your next travel nurse job on The Gypsy Nurse. However, have you ever considered making extra money by renting out your place back home when you’re away on your next assignment?  

Can you see yourself earning an extra thousand or two every month while you’re traveling? 

Knowing that everybody’s living situation is different and that it may not be right for everyone, think about this: your place can be earning you money while you’re on assignment.  

If you have a space that will be vacant while you go to another city to work, why not let it start working for you?  

I like that I can get help with my mortgage while also giving fellow travelers a safe and clean place to stay. – Trudy R. 

I’m a travel nurse and have listed and rented out my condo while I am on the road. Love the platform. So easy to screen potential renters.  Judith L. 

I’m very familiar with the traveling lifestyle (I’m also a travel nurse), and I love being able to help other travelers while I’m away working. It just makes sense, and I didn’t like that my place just sat there for 3 months while I was gone anyway. Win/Win. Angie M 

Travel Nurses make the best landlords.

Travelers make the best landlords because they know what they’re looking for. You pretty much just need to set up the space for yourself since you’ll be renting to others with the same housing requirements you need when you’re on the road.  Plus, you don’t even have to own the actual property as sublets are fine, too… as long as your lease doesn’t prohibit subletting.  

No booking fees.

On Furnished Finder, there are no booking fees, and you keep 100% of the rent. Here’s a free guide to becoming a landlord which answers most of the basic questions you might be asking yourself (How much can I get for rent? Can I screen the tenants beforehand? Where do I get a copy of a lease? What happens if their contract is canceled? Should I have homeowners insurance?…) 

There’s a lot to think about, but if you think that you might want to start hosting travelers yourself, feel free to have a conversation with someone at Furnished Finder to see if it is right for you. And for a limited time, Furnished Finder is giving Gypsy Nurse travelers a code for 10% off the listing fee.  Use FFTRAVEL at check out.    

We hope you found this article on how travel nurses are making extra money while on assignment helpful. Do you rent out your home while you are on assignment to make extra money? If you would like to share your story, comment below.

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Good luck & safe travels!  

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