21 Destinations You Need to Visit as a Travel Nurse

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By Favorite Healthcare Staffing

January 26, 2021



21 Destinations You Must Visit As A Travel Nurse

This article was provided by Favorite Healthcare.

2020 is finally over, which means it is time to start checking off cities on your travel nursing bucket list! Favorite Healthcare Staffing has chosen our Top 21 Travel Nursing Destinations for 2021 that we know you will love. See what cities made a list and start exploring the country!

Boston, MA


Home of and the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Tea Party, this Northeastern city is the perfect location for history buffs. Step back in time as you stroll the cobblestone streets and visit some of the city’s best American History museums. This city also boasts impressive architecture and plenty of parks to play in. Boston has everything you could want in a destination!

Worchester, MA


The first city to invent the monkey wrench! How clever! With beautiful fall leaves in the Autumn, multiple science and history museums, Worchester (not to be confused with Worcestershire sauce) is a great destination to visit.

Minneapolis, MN


One of the major cities that forms Minnesota’s “Twin Cities,” Minneapolis experiences all seasons during the year. Cold and snowy winters, but warm and sunny summers. There are many cultural landmarks to check out in Minneapolis, a city that can unlock so much!

Tucson, AZ


Tucson has an outstanding performing arts scene with multiple galleries and museums. The city’s dynamic multicultural heritage radiates and is front and center. Tucson is also celebrated for its sensational beauty with the Sonoran Desert, which covers this region with incredible cacti.

Chicago, IL


Home of big silver, aka “The Bean.” Chicago is the center of the United States and is also known as the “Windy City.” With many museums, sightseeing, and amazing nightlife, there is no way you would not love the hustle and bustle of this city.

Davenport, IA


Davenport is located right next to the Mississippi river! This city is green because of its massive number of parks – over 50 local parks to visit! Activities can include biking, walking, and outdoor events, all located right in Davenport.

Kansas City, MO


Kansas City, home of the 2020 Superbowl Champions and the famous KC BBQ! The city is constantly growing as a travel destination. Great shopping, beautiful Italian inspired fountains throughout the city, and one amazing art district will make you never want to leave.

St. Louis, MO

st louis

The Hill, The Arch, and The Cardinals all call St. Louis, Missouri, their home. Visit the city’s biggest attraction, the St. Louis arch, for unique views of the city. Make sure to take a trip to other popular tourist spots, like the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and St. Louis Art Museum.

Detroit, MI


Snowy Detroit, right in the center of the great lakes and across the way from Canada, is a great spot to travel to. The large presence of the auto industry gave the city its nickname, Motor City. Detroit is also the perfect place for music lovers as it’s the birthplace of Motown. Groove your way through D-Town!

New York City, NY

new york city

New York City is the city that never sleeps. With museums galore, shopping, and thousands of restaurants, you will never be bored at this destination. As one of the world’s major melting pots, it is guaranteed that you will always have something to do. Make sure to take a trip to the other boroughs of New York – The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island – each unique in its own way!

Denver, CO


Denver, Colorado – The-Mile-High City – is the perfect blend of urban life and outdoor adventure.  The city not only boasts top-notch craft breweries and a thriving music scene but is also conveniently situated near Rocky Mountain National Park – a traveler’s dream come true!

Cincinnati, OH


Located right across the state line of Kentucky in Southwest Ohio lies the city of Cincinnati. History lovers will want to visit some of the city’s popular museums, including the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the American Sign Museum, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Be sure to also take a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, which is the second oldest zoo in America.   

Cleveland, OH


Cleveland’s 78 square miles are jam-packed with quality attractions. You will not be disappointed by the city’s top tourist attraction, the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Spend your days exploring the most popular destinations like the Cleveland Botanical Garden, West Side Market and the Cleveland Metroparks. Sports fanatics should also catch a baseball game at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team.   

Houston, TX


Houston’s sprawling city is the perfect location if you love to shop and is home to the Galleria, one of the best shopping malls in the state. Visitors can learn where the phrase, “Houston, we’ve had a problem” comes from taking a trip to the Space Center Houston. Let’s not forget about the cuisine. If you are a fan of Tex-Mex, put Houston at the top of your list!

Knoxville, TN


As Tennessee’s third-largest city, Knoxville is sometimes overlooked, but we promise you will want to put this city on your list! Knoxville’s charming downtown is easy to navigate and is filled with quaint shops and even better food. Nature lovers will feel right at home with the city’s proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Lexington, KY


Lexington Kentucky, best known as the city of the Kentucky Derby, is the “Horse Capital of the World.” Enjoy the breathtaking views of farmland that stretches for miles and make sure to visit Kentucky Horse Park, home to the International Museum of the Horse.

Centralia, IL


Centralia’s downtown is the perfect mix of old and new with plenty of historic architecture, as well as new and modern development. The Illinois Theater is a wonderful spot to catch a movie on a Sunday afternoon. You can also check out some of the many local parks that allow you to fish and attend different sporting events.

Durham, NC


Home of the Blue Devils basketball team, Durham has become a must-visit destination for basketball fans. Explore all this city has to offer, including a vast number of restaurants, top universities, and a diverse culture where you can learn more about the history of Durham.

Buffalo, NY


One of the biggest cities in the United States consists of an art district to keep your creative juices flowing. The city’s growing restaurant scene will help you explore new tastes, and the historical sites will teach you more about the city. Tour some of Buffalo’s parks, gardens, and theatres that are scattered throughout the city.

Oklahoma City, OK


As the capital of Oklahoma, OKC is the main star of show. Ignite your taste buds by visiting popular breweries in the city. You also won’t want to miss out on other major landmarks, such as the Skydance bridge. For those looking to dance the night away, look no further! Oklahoma City has a vast nightlife scene. You won’t want to miss out all this city has to offer.

Las Vegas, NV


Most people visit this city for the Las Vegas Strip – home of more nightclubs, casinos, and replicas of major world landmarks than you can count. There is always some form of entertainment in Las Vegas, and, indeed, you will never be bored! There’s no other place in the world like Las Vegas, which makes it a must-see destination.

What do you think of our list of must visit destinations? Are there any we missed? Comment the destinations you think need to be included on this list below.

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