COVID-19 Crisis Pay Rates for In-Demand Positions

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By TaleMed

May 19, 2020



COVID-19 Crisis Pay Rates for In-Demand Positions

This article provided by TaleMed.

You only need to turn on the news to know that the COVID-19 pandemic is stressing hospital resources. Nurses are needed across the country ― in urban and rural settings in all states. This is an important time to understand crisis rates when you consider the opportunities available to travel nurses.

As you step up to work a crisis rate job, know that not all travel healthcare companies are equal. Be selective about the travel company you choose to work with. Be sure you understand the policies, including COVID-19 quarantine and cancellation policies.

“We’re talking to a lot of nurses right now about what really matters on an assignment,” said TaleMed Clinical Director Susan Abbott, RN. “These jobs are high paying, but you should fully understand the job you’re going to ― and you should find a travel company you trust to take care of you.”

The Average Pay for HCPs has Doubled

Crisis rates describe a higher-than-normal rate of pay for nurses and are implemented at the hospital’s discretion for specific assignments because a position is in high demand or critical to the hospital’s mission.

Crisis rate positions have skyrocketed since March 1, and the rates are nearly double that of a traditional travel nurse pay rate across the United States. Travel job postings show rates over $3,000 weekly for ER and/or ICU RNs. These specialties, along with Respiratory Therapy, are in high demand.

“A lot of travel companies have the same or very similar jobs and pay rates. So there are opportunities for nurses to join the fight in whatever way they want to serve,” said Steve Williams, Vice President of Recruiting and Sales for TaleMed. “Now is the time to choose your assignment and travel company based on who you trust to have your back throughout the assignment.”

What to Look for in a Travel Company

Choosing the right travel healthcare company in this time can mean the difference between being on your own if something goes wrong or having the full support of your travel company. Be sure to ask these questions when considering a company to travel with:

  • What is the company’s COVID-19 quarantine policy?
  • How much detail do they include in their pay package? Do you have a good understanding of the portion of your pay that is per diems and allowances vs. hourly wages?
  • Does the company have a reputation for honesty and integrity?
  • Do you have a relationship with your recruiter, and do you have a team backing you up?
  • Does the company have a Clinical Director to provide you with expert guidance in addressing clinical concerns while on assignment?
  • What do the company’s reviews say? What do other travelers say about them?
  • How are they rated by independent travel nurse resources?
  • Do you have to wait to receive benefits? Do they guarantee your shifts or hours?

You especially want a dedicated partner by your side during these uncertain times. Be sure you have access to transparent and clear policies surrounding your travel company’s responsibilities during this crisis.

We hope that you found these tips for COVID 19 crisis pay rates for high demand positions helpful. Do you have any tips to share with fellow travel nurses? Please comment them below.

And if you have any questions, the team at TaleMed is always willing to help ― even if you’re not traveling with us now or have never traveled with us before. At TaleMed, our HCPs are part of the family. We believe in you, and we’re going to take care of you. We have the policies and procedures in place to support you.

TaleMed invites you to review our COVID-19 & Crisis Pay Jobs page to see our Action Plan and other COVID-19 resources.

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