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By Maddie Torres-Gypsy Nurse Correspondent

October 23, 2021



Collapsible Home Essentials for Travel Nurses

Research has shown that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. As a travel nurse, moving—and its close cousins, packing and unpacking—can happen frequently and without much notice. In order to mitigate the stress and work of moving without losing the creature comforts of home, we’ve put together a list of staples for travel nurses looking for affordable, practical—and collapsible—must-have items. Even better, all items are currently available on Amazon.

Collapsible Home Essentials:

GreenForest Folding Desk

This two-tiered desk makes for the perfect at-home office. There is absolutely no assembly required, which makes the item well worth the $200 price. Because if we’re being honest, nobody really wants to spend an entire evening attempting to put together an IKEA desk with over four hundred pieces. Perhaps the best part of the desk’s design is that its second tier can be used for storage or decoration. From a travel perspective, the desk can be neatly folded quite compactly, when not in use. It’s available in “espresso” brown with black metal legs.

SAMMART Collapsible Dish Drainer with Drainer Board

If you have been on the hunt for a foldable drying rack set, then look no further. The grey tray pops open for divided sections to dry dishes and silverware. It’s compact in nature and won’t take up too much vital countertop space. At just $13.86, it is a steal and is both BPA free and dishwasher safe. While not in use, it collapses flat to be stored anywhere. The reviews are promising with most of the customers giving the item a 5-star rating.

Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Both tea and coffee drinkers alike can rejoice with this product, as they will no longer have to be caffeine-deprived when on the road. It comes in four different colors, and although it seems a bit pricey at $45.89, it can be used anywhere in the world due to its dual voltage. Water will boil within 3-5 min, which is perfect for all of you “non-morning people” travel nurses who have an early shift. Both the handle and the power chord are detachable and fold neatly into its included case.

Ruff’n Ruffus Portable Pet Playpen and Carrying Case

Your loveable pets don’t have to be left behind with this convenient folding playpen for pets of almost all sizes! Starting at only $38.97, the playpen is spacious enough for your pets to move around but also folds down flat, fitting neatly into its provided carrying case. The playpen is water-resistant, so it is ideal for either a cozy afternoon at home or a picnic in the park. Due to the playpen’s flexible structure, it may not be as suitable for bigger, more rambunctious pets, however those of you with small to mid-size dogs will find it a great option.

Crenics Collapsible Travel Cup

These flexible, silicone cups are perfect for travel nurses on the go. For the reasonable price of $20.99, you get two cups, two reusable straws, and a hook that latches onto a bag or backpack for easy transportation on any camping or hiking trip. It can also be used at work for people who are particularly clumsy and often find themselves knocking things over on their desk. The button lid at the top ensures that the cup can be knocked over and even flipped upside down without spilling.

AmazonBasics Foldable Bed

Rated the #1 Best Seller in bed frames on Amazon, this foldable bed frame is a staple for those who put quality sleep above all else. The price varies depending on size, but it’s available starting from $71.13 for a Twin. Thankfully, it does not require assembly and provides extra storage underneath for the inevitable miscellaneous items accumulated over time. When you’re ready to pack everything up and move on to the next place, the bed folds easily to be stored or moved. A mattress is not included but can also be purchased through Amazon.

Giantex Folding Mattress

The unique trifold design of this mattress makes falling asleep anywhere as easy as counting sheep. It’s perfect for camping trips, yoga, or overnight visitors because it can be folded, propped up like a couch, or laid flat on any floor. The memory foam mattress is especially plush, which always makes for a good night’s sleep. Your back will thank you. It comes in three sizes ranging from Twin to Queen, and boasts promising reviews.

Fabric Floor Couch Lounge

Lounging while watching TV has never been so comfortable. The 5 reclining positions of this couch allow for maximum relaxation. Its ergonomic design is ideal for Netflix binge-watching, gaming, or even a quick nap. It comes in 8 colors and is under $200. Even better, the sub-polyester fabric is easy to clean and difficult to wrinkle.

We hope you found this list of collapsible home essentials helpful on you travel nurse journey. Do you have any collapsible home essentials that you have found and would like to share? Comment them below.

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