Mastering Nurse Charting: Examples and Essentials

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By Jennifer Traub

December 3, 2021



Charting Excellence: Mastering Nurse Charting with Examples and Essentials

Many travelers are concerned with various charting systems that are utilized amongst different facilities.

Usually, facilities provide a 1-2 day course with their computer training systems when you begin a travel contract. You get an overview of how to use it and usually have to complete various modules. You then implement your knowledge in your 1-2 day training on the floor while shadowing a nurse. If you are unfamiliar with a new charting system, you have to be adaptable and learn it quickly in order to be successful at your job. 


Let me say this loud and clear: if a facility uses Meditech charting, RUN! It is completely outdated, unintuitive, and inherently slows you down. That is one of the main questions I ask when searching for an assignment. I used it at one facility I worked at, and I swore never again. If the hospital uses Meditech, It is a dealbreaker for me. 

The best charting systems I have used

The best charting systems I have used are Cerner and Epic. Epic seems to be the most popular amongst nurses due to its practicality. Cerner was the first system I used, so it is very simple to me and many other nurses I’ve talked to. There are rumors about epic becoming the main charting system that will be adapted within facilities. This will be beneficial to all nurses. 

Being a travel nurse requires the finesse of being adaptable. It’s taking the information you receive in whichever orientation you get and quickly being malleable enough to perform well at your job. 

We hope you found these tips for travel nurse charting helpful. Do you have any tips for travel nurse charting to share? Comment them below.

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