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By Kevin Devoto

September 18, 2021



How to Travel on a Budget: Tips for Travel Nurse Vacations

Traveling is a great way to explore new and exciting locations while discovering cultures and making lifelong connections with locals and fellow travelers. Before planning your next trip to your desired destination, use these budgeting tips to prevent overspending while making the most out of your time spent away from home.

travel on a budget
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Set a Budget

Setting a budget before you begin booking airfare or reserving accommodations is essential, especially if you are genuinely limited on funds. Without a budget in place, you may find yourself out of cash before your vacation ends. With a set budget in place, enjoy yourself without overanalyzing each time you make a purchase.

Research Hotel and Rental Home Rates

Choosing where to stay while traveling on vacation is not always easy. Whether you prefer a traditional hotel room or want to save money on a rental apartment or hostel, there are plenty of options when traveling abroad or to the other side of your state. Use services such as Airbnb in addition to traditional hotel booking websites to compare rates and to find accommodations that include all of the amenities you prefer, even if you are on a strict budget.

Compare pricing for various times if you have a flexible schedule for the vacation or traveling getaway you are planning. Hotels, hostels, and even home vacation rentals are not always the same price year-round. Most often, accommodations spike in price during peak seasons such as summertime and throughout popular holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Consider traveling during the off-season to make the most out of any budget you have set for your trip.

Reserve Accommodations Ahead of Time

Booking your hotel, hostel, or even your vacation rental ahead of time is a great way to maximize savings while eliminating the hassle of searching for last-minute locations with availability. Book your trip at least a few months in advance to ensure you are getting the best deal possible regardless of the type of home, apartment, or hotel you prefer.

Travel With Friends

Traveling with companions is another great way to reduce overall spending. Group travel can cut back on airfare and when renting a larger vacation home, regardless of your final destination.

Book Travel Plans Using an Incognito Browser

Use Google Chrome’s Incognito browser or another anonymous browser to search for airfare and rates on hotels you are interested in. Websites utilize cookies to track you anytime you search for rates. If you do not use an anonymous browser while comparing hotel and airfare rates, you run the risk of overpaying for tickets.

Avoid Dining Out

While it is enjoyable to experience a night of dining out and having others cook for you, save cash by cooking your own food once you arrive at your intended destination. Shop for groceries at a local store that is not centered in a tourist area. Ask locals for more information on local food stores and grocery marts if you are unfamiliar with the location or if you are traveling out of the country. Research different grocery stores and get familiar with common food available in the location you are visiting. Cooking your own food is not only a way to cut back on overspending while sticking to a budget, but it also provides a unique experience of trying new foods and cultural delicacies that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Research Cruises and Port Options

Often times, you can find great deals on cruises.  Cruise companies fluctuate prices so that they can fill rooms.  One of the benefits of a cruise is that it takes little to no planning and you can visit multiple locations while cruising.  Whenever you are planning an upcoming cruise vacation, research port options along with cruise costs before settling on a decision and booking your getaway. Compare cruise ports along with nearby tourist destinations and adventures that are most interesting to you. You should try to choose all-inclusive cruises that provide you with freedom and flexibility at each port so you have more time to spend in each desired destination. Because not all cruise ships dock at the same ports, compare all of your options along with activities and entertainment that are available before making a purchase that is right for you and your travel companions.

Research Free Activities and Local Classes

Get to know more about your final destination before hopping on a plane or setting sail to make the most out of your time away from home. Many local cities (especially those with tourist areas) provide free activities, entertainment, and even local classes to those who are interested. Whether you want to paint outdoors or spend time at a local music festival, conducting adequate research on your preferred destinations is a great way to create an itinerary that won’t break the bank.

Traveling around the country or even the world should not feel impossible, even if you have a tight budget to adhere to each time you plan a trip. With the right resources and the ability to book your travel plans in advance, make the most out of any vacation destination you have in mind.    

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