Before Leaving for Vacation Do These 10 Things

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By Krishma Patel

January 14, 2022



10 Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

Familiar with the feeling of ‘Am I forgetting something?’ before you pick up your bags and leave your home for a vacation? Luckily, you are not alone. Even as a seasoned travel nurse, you may feel like you are forgetting something while packing. While taking time off is a great way to relax, leaving your home, pets, and routine uncared for is not easy.

Fret not. We have got the ultimate checklist up our sleeve which consists of 10 things you need to take care of before leaving home to make sure you can rest easy while you are away.

1. Contact House and Pet Sitters

You don’t want to come back to a messy house or, even worse – a catastrophe! So, contact a trustworthy house watcher, whether it’s a professional house sitter, a neighbor, or a friend. Also, look for a caretaker for your furry pooch if you have one.

Make sure you give them a list of instructions like water the plants, feed the dog, stay alert for any suspicious activity, and a little bit of general maintenance.

2. Manage Your Period

It is not the most comfortable feeling for women to travel during their period. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your periods for vacation.

For instance, if you want to delay your period for vacation, consider medication like norethisterone. It is usually prescribed to be taken thrice a day, starting 3 or 4 days before you expect your period to begin. Your period should arrive 2-3 days after you stop taking the medication.

For any concerns or queries, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

3. Place ‘Stop’ Orders

Place ‘stop’ orders on regular deliveries or services, for example, milk, newspaper, postal mail, housecleaning, etc. And make alternate arrangements for things you want to continue, like landscaping.

4. Manage Your Cash Flow and Bill Payments

Hit the local ATM to withdraw sufficient cash if traveling within the country. Contact a foreign exchange company to obtain the country’s currency you are traveling to for international travel. Also, check how you can use cash or a card once you land overseas.

5. Plan The First and Last Day Logistics

Usually, the first and the last day involves a lot of travel, documentation, and checking in, so prepare well in advance for a seamless transition.

On the last day of your trip, ensure that you have packed everything back. Keep your travel tickets handy. Book a taxi in advance and make sure you have arrangements for house keys, car keys, cash, and food on arriving back home

6. Pack All Electronics Carefully

A mobile phone has become the most essential item to pack while traveling as everything can be stored on your smartphone.

You may need to consider other electronic items: your earphones, charger, smartwatch, and camera.

7. Take Your Medicines and Essential Cosmetics Along

Pack all your routine medication and a first aid box. For example, the medicine norethisterone tablet for delaying your period for vacation, painkiller, antacid, antiallergic, etc.

Carry all your essential cosmetics like sunscreen, face cleanser, lip balm, treatment creams prescribed by your dermatologist, etc.

8. Check The Weather Forecast

Weather changes may affect your travel plans greatly. So, keep a tab on the weather forecast through news or the internet and carry weather-proof items accordingly. For example, an umbrella if it’s going to be raining, wool clothes if you are going somewhere cold, and so on.

9. Amp Up Your Home Security System

Activate your security system to keep burglars away. Today, security systems are advanced enough to keep a tab on your house through your smartphone device even when you are traveling.

Lock up all the windows and doors to prevent your house from peepers.

10. Gather Important Travel Documents

While most things have gone digital today, some physical documents are always required. Keep an original as well as photocopy of your passport, visa, ID proof, permits, licenses, travel insurance, etc., safe and handy.

We hope you found these 10 things to do before leaving for vacation helpful. Is there anything you do before leaving for vacation that we didn’t list? Comment them below.

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