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By Amare Medical Network

February 28, 2023



Battling Burnout: Take Time to Care for Yourself

Amare Medical Network provided this article.

By Jaclyn Neilly, BSN, BA, RN, Director of Clinical ServicesatAmare Medical Network

Burnout almost feels like lip service at this point, right? We are mucking through the day, shift after shift, just getting by. Shells of our former selves for the most part. Some of us have left the bedside or the profession altogether in hopes of gaining some small sense of humanity back. Some way to feel connected again, grounded.

For years nurses have been facing increasing demands in their profession.

These demands came to a head during the COVID-19 pandemic in a way no one saw coming. Nurses were asked to do more: more physically, more emotionally, and more mentally than ever before. We go into this profession to help people, but who is helping the nurse?

It goes without saying that happiness comes from within, or at least that is what we have been taught. How do we achieve happiness? What fills up the proverbial “cup” within? For some of us, it’s a simple human interaction; for others, it may be that daily latte. Whatever it may be, it is crucial to serving yourself first as someone tasked with caring for others. How will you care for someone else when you are running on empty?

Operation Happy Nurse

One resource Amare Medical Network recommends to its nurses is Operation Happy Nurse (OHN). OHN was created by a nurse looking for a community to connect to during a difficult time. This online community is available to all nurses free of charge. It was meant to help cope with the stress and burnout of the profession by offering a community focused on improving overall mental health. OHN has partnered with other organizations to have multiple resources available for the nursing community. They have a book club, nutritional support, playlists, discussion boards, a blog, stress management podcasts, hotlines for immediate help, and fitness, yoga, and meditation regimens to help combat burnout.

Our mental health is so essential and needs to be taken seriously.

No matter how you cut it, it’s time to start putting ourselves first. Go get that facial, massage, or Botox! Take that trip, call that friend, and be grateful! Go to yoga, go for a run, and move your body in a way that serves YOU. There is no wrong answer.

Amare Medical Network cares for the people we work with and work for. It is our purpose, and if it’s yours, we would love for you to check out our job board when you look for your next travel assignment.

We hope you found this article on battling burnout helpful. Are you battling burnout? What are you doing to care for yourself? Comment below.

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